Puzzle Trooper is a brand new game from Kabam, a title that mixes RPG, card collecting elements and puzzle gameplay mechanics and has as a result a beautiful game that we all love. However, it’s also pretty difficult to master and it would be best if we had some Puzzle Trooper cheats, right? Well, I have something even better than that: a set of tips and tricks that will help improve your game and therefore help you win the missions on your own. The satisfaction will be higher, so let’s check out the Puzzle Trooper cheats below and let’s have fun!

We’ll start with some Puzzle Trooper cheats and tips for combat!


1. Try to Create a complete deck
Ideally, your deck will have one of each of the soldier types (red, green, blue, yellow and purple) so that every match that you make will trigger some sort of attack. However, it’s not always a great idea to have a complete deck because you can select your ally from the missing color or, even better, use the bonuses of your leader to increase the stats and attack power of your dominant color.

2. Combos, combos, combos
Always attack with combos in mind. Since your selected gem will move all the others on the board, try to paint the bigger picture and create combos. Ideally, find a match by moving one gem, and keeping the other gem available for dragging around. You will eventually get a lot of combos this way!

3. Make useless gems useful
If you don’t have a complete deck, it means that some gems will not trigger an attack. Make sure to turn that into an advantage by using these gems in combos. NEVER waste a turn, you could regret it!

4. Keep the health packs at hand
If you match health packs in a round and you have maximum health, that health boost will be basically wasted. So try to keep the health packs around and only use them when you really need a boost to your health. They might seem to stack up at a point, but it’s better to have them later on when the enemies are stronger.

5. Take advantage of your card’s skills
After a specific number of rounds, some of your cards will have the option of triggering their special skill. Make sure to put it at good use by enabling the skill only when needed.

6. Change the leader based on your play style
Some cards can be “leaders” giving you different bonuses, ranging from reduced damage from a specific type of unit to extra hit power. Make sure you check out your cards’ leader skills and assign as leader the one that helps you the most. You can still keep your previous leader in the squad.

7. Only level up your top cards
At first, you won’t have too much of an option, but as you level up and win extra cards, you will have where to choose from. Make sure you keep your best cards locked so you don’t use them by mistake and only level them up: leveling a card costs a lot of money and you don’t want to waste that on a card that you’ll stop using in a while. Usually, the more stars a card has, the better it is for your squad (especially because it has a higher maximum level)

8. Evolve your cards!
As soon as you hit maximum level with a card, you can evolve it if you have the required cards. It’s a good idea to evolve your cards as soon as possible because this will give them more power and extra room to grow. Not to mention that they will look a lot better!

9. Expand squad capacity
You start with a limited number of “power” your squad can have, 23. You can and should expand this capacity in the store using diamonds for 2 diamonds per power. This is the best way to spend your diamonds because more capacity means that you can have more higher level troops in your squad and that’s something you will always need.

And now let’s get to some more generic tips & tricks for Puzzle Trooper!

10. Replay quests
A good way to earn some extra coins the easy way is to replay previous battles: if you won them easily, you will do so again and you will only get extra goodies.

11. Sell your cards
Although ideally you would use the cards in your card box to enhance and/or evolve, there will be moments when you will have to sell your cards for extra coins or just to make room for others. Just make sure you don’t sell cards that are required for evolving and you’ll get a nice sum for them!

12. Complete achievements
Keep an eye on the achievements and see what you can do to complete them, some will reward you nicely with special cards, gems and extra coins.

13. Complete the Special Events
When you have a strong enough squad, it’s time to move to the Special events to test your skills and earn the big rewards. You need a lot of energy to complete these missions and a very strong squad, but it will be all worth it in the end because the rewards are also pretty amazing.

14. Learn the mechanics
Red beats green, green beats blue, blue beats red, and yellow and purple beat each other. Make sure you have this in mind when playing.

And these are for now our Puzzle Trooper cheats. Let us know if you have other approaches, I am sure fellow




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