A new interesting puzzle / platform game has been recently announced for iOS devices, a very nice game that will offer a simple to understand yet engaging gameplay experience.

This upcoming game will be called Parallels and it’s been developed by RisingHigh, an two person indie studio based in the UK. The game is a minimal puzzle / platform puzzle game where players have to guide a sphere through a variety of stages, making it reach the end of the stage in one piece. Controls are going to be very simple so the game is promising to be a very relaxing experience that will be perfect on the go.

With over 5 Massive Color Worlds and 30 Checkpoints, Parallels will be offering quite a bit of content. You can learn more about Parallels and it’s relaxing gameplay experience by checking out the trailer right below.

Parallels will be released on the App Store on December 31st in all regions. We will let you know if anything changes as soon as possible so stay tuned for all the latest news on this interesting game.



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