All of the fuzzy little pets have gone missing! Explore the colorful islands and dive into the most vibrant match-3 puzzle game ever. Puzzle Pets is another entry into the popular match-3 puzzle genre. Rescue all the pets with the help of our Puzzle Pets cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Create super eggs for an advantage!

Super eggs are created whenever you match 4 or more pets of the same type. The most basic super egg is the striped egg, which is made by matching 4 pets. Depending on whether you matched it horizontally or vertically, the striped egg will shoot out a beam when matched, matching the entire row or column it is in. Useful for getting those out-of-reach pets!

2. Use X-striped eggs for big reactions!

X-striped eggs are generated by matching 5 pets in a T shape. X-striped eggs function just like the basic striped egg, but instead of shooting a beam out in the column or row, they shoot out beams diagonally. These are even better for clearing out big parts of the board!

3. Try out Bomb eggs!

Bomb eggs are created by matching 5 pets in an L shaped. When matched, bomb eggs will exploded, immediately matching all surrounding pets. There’s one explosion, then another, so this is also great for clearing out big areas.

4. Go for the almighty rainbow eggs!

Rainbow eggs are created when 5 pets are matched normally and not following the x-striped or bomb formations. Matching these rainbow eggs with any other pet with match all pets of that same type on the whole board. Rainbow eggs are great if you need to match a lot of a certain type of pet.

5. Combine super eggs for explosive results!

If you want to, you can save super eggs. You don’t have to use them right away. In fact, sometimes it may be better to hang onto them because you can actually combine certain super eggs! Experiment and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

6. Don’t forget about your helper!

You can bring one helper pet with you into any level. Before they can be used, helpers must be charged by either matching pets on the board or feeding them directly. Once full, you can employ their special abilities. The starting helper, Harold the Dog, will match pets in a + formation. Helpers can also be leveled up by acquiring materials. The more stars you get on a level, the more materials you’ll get, so try to three star all the levels! This will also unlock additional helpers for you to try out.

Now you’re armed to go and rescue all of the pets! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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