Another interesting puzzle game is going to be released on the App Store later this month, a game that will appeal to all fans of origamis thanks to its unique gameplay experience.

Paperama, developed by FDG Entertainment, is a quite unique puzzle game where you will have to fold paper following some precise motions in order to create origami sculptures. In this regard, the game is quite realistic, as the motions are just as complex as when making real life origami and the 3D effects and souns are just as realistic.

As expected, Paperama is quite simply in the beginning, since everything you’ll have to do to complete the stage is simple and you’ll receive plenty of help. Things get more complicated as move along with the game with the motions becoming more difficult and the help becoming more sporadic. The whole experience is made more challenging by the limited number of folds you can do in the game.

Paperama will launch on June 26th on the App Store as a free to play game. Make sure to give this game a chance once it launches, as it looks like the perfect game to play on the go for a few minutes here and there.



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