The more popular puzzle games now available on the App Store usually belong to two categories, the ones influenced by Tetris and the match-three puzzles games. A new game combining the best of both worlds has been announced today.

Joinz, developed by Noodlecake Games, comes with a really interesting gameplay experience that mixes Tetris and match three games in a really unique way. In the game, players will have to clear out blocks in pure Tetris fashion. However just making them fit isn’t enough to clear them, as players will also have to match blocks of the same colors, otherwise the blocks won’t be cleared and you will find yourself failing the stage. The game is also made more complicated by the fact that every time a block doesn’t connect, you will get another square added in. Joinz is a game that will make gamers stay on their toes, forcing them to be quick when thinking about what to do.


Joinz is also going to feature several power-ups that will make the game easier at times. Luckily, it will not be released as a free to play game so there won’t be any IAP or any other free to play mechanic that usually gets in the way of enjoyment.

Joinz will be released on a yet to be confirmed date on the App Store.




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