Have you ever wanted to know the feeling of being able to crack open safes? If you have, and you’re not a thief, you will finally be able to open safes and know what it feels like with a new puzzle game called IQ Safe, which is now available on the App Store.

IQ Safe is an interesting puzzle game where players will have to crack 9-dial safes before the time limit expires. The game includes some elements of Sudoku so you might be more successful than others if you know how to play it.

IQ Safe features a lentghy campaign including 180 levels. If you’re looking to play only a few stages, you will also be able to play one of the 1400 fast games included in the game. Have no idea on what to do to complete a stage? There are also 19 tutorial levels that will show players what to do to crack safes in IQ Safe.

IQ Safe is now available for purchase on the App Store for $2.99. The game looks like a really interesting puzzle game so make sure to check it out if you are looking for a nice game to play on the go.



  1. Smart and addicting puzzle game. Clean design and smooth handling. It gets harder on Paris and time limit stressing you so it makes you satisfy once you crack the safe. I love Sudoku but this one seems to be much more fun.

  2. Very good game, I just played for hours. It is definitely a different game that you don’t often see in the app store and it gives lots of satisfaction once you crack the safe. An interesting feature is that when you fail to crack the safe you get the second chance with different digits so in away your memory gray cells get to work over time. If you love games involving digits like 2048 or Sudoku this one should run for the crown.


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