A new arcade/puzzle game is going to be released next week on the App Store, a rather simple game that will surely gain quite a bit of fans thanks to its gameplay experience and presentation.

In Hyper Maze Arcade, players will have to navigate through a variety of mazes to reach the exit. Being “Arcade”, players will have to clear mazes as quickly as possible, something that may not be all that easy due to the games “Hyper” soundtrack and flashy graphics. If things can get a bit complicated in the first stages, we dare not think how challenging the game will be in later stages.


Hyper Maze Arcade is a game that seems to deliver what it promises in its title: a hyper presentation and a fast paced gameplay experience. We still cannot know how good the overall experience will actually be but thankfully we won’t have to wait for much longer to learn if the game is as good as it seems.

Hyper Maze Arcade will be released on the App Store next week on Fabruary 4th. The game will be available for free with adds supporting it, which can be removed by purchasing the game’s only IAP for $0,99.




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