If you haven’t had enough of quirky, unusual puzzle games to play on the go, you will be happy to know that another one has been recently released on the App Store, a game that comes with an interesting gameplay experience and mazes. A lot of them.

1Path stands out from the competition not only for its gameplay experience, but also because it features a story of sorts, which hardly makes sense and its soon forgotten, as it doesn’t appear again during the course of the game. The story is only used to justify the fact that you will have to go through each of the game’s maze, connect all the circles you’ll find in the right order and avoid getting killed by the mazes.

1Path gameplay experiencen is unlike any others thanks to the huge variety of the mazes included in the game. Together with regular mazes you will have to deal with some more unique ones featuring dynamic elements that will make them quite challenging. Some power-ups are obviously available to make things less bad, allowing the green circle to receive a protection shield, slow down time and more.

1Path is now available for free on the App Store. Make sure to take a look at the game if you’re into these kind of games, as 1Path is really an excellent and creative title that deserves all the support it can get.



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