Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons, the popular game developed by GungHo Online Entertainment, has received plenty of crossover events in North America and Europe in the past years, adding characters from a variety of other franchises. The Japanese version of the game has received many that didn’t make it in the West but one of these events will finally be launched next week in North America and Europe.

The new Puzzle & Dragons crossover event will be the Final Fantasy event, which will allow players to collect characters from the Final Fantasy series. All characters from the Square Enix successful series will be available in a special Final Fantasy Egg Machine.

Here’s the list of the Final Fantasy content hitting Puzzle & Dragons from November 2nd until November 15th.

Final Fantasy –  Chaos
Final Fantasy II – Emperor
Final Fantasy III – Cloud of Darkness
Final Fantasy IV –  Zeromus
Final Fantasy V – Gilgamesh and Neo Exdeath
Final Fantasy VI –  Kefka
Final Fantasy VII – Cloud, Sephiroth, Buster Sword, Masamune, and Fat Chocobo
Final Fantasy VIII – Squall, Rinoa, Angelo, Gunblade, and Pinwheel
Final Fantasy IX – Zidane, Vivi, and Mage Masher
Final Fantasy X – Tidus, Yunam Tidus’ Brotherhood, and Yuna’s Staff
Final Fantasy Type-0 – Ace
Final Fantasy Dimensions – Aemo, Mootie
Mobius Final Fantasy –  Wol

Puzzle & Dragons is now available on the App Store in all regions.



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