Chillingo have just launched Puzzle Craft 2 on the App Store, and they had great timing for that because we really needed some great game to keep us busy inside the house because of the bad weather. And what a fun way it is to spend time!

But we’re not here to praise the game, we’re here to share with you a bunch of Puzzle Craft 2 cheats and tips that will hopefully help you get the most of it as fast as possible and explore all the lands around. There is a lot to do and quite some strategy involved in this game, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Puzzle Craft 2 tips and tricks below!

1. Revisit Old Villages
You can always revisit a village that you have completed, purchase more decorations and gather more resources. Although the resources themselves do not carry over from village to village, the tools and special items that you craft do, so you can easily get a head start in a new area by actually playing puzzles in a previous one to get more tools quickly.

2. Complete the challenges
Each village will give you a bunch of challenges with really nice rewards once you complete them, and you can even buy new challenges using resources (which is extremely useful in older villages). Focus on completing these quests, especially when in a new village, because they unlock new goodies and keep the story going forward. This is also an easy way to get some much needed free coins.

3. Focus on the farm games at first
With just 30 coins, you can play the farm puzzle games and that’s where you should be spending most of your time at first. The basic resources come from there, and you should focus on getting them one at a time, making sure – of course – that you actually get the resources that you need. Maximize gains whenever you play, though, because the more resources you get, the better it is for you overall.

4. How to make more coins
Sooner rather than later, especially if you play often, you will find yourself lacking coins in the game. If waiting is not an option to harvest the camp and everything else, then you should start selling the resources you have gathered. Tap the resource button and sell anything you no longer need. A good rule of thumb is that you should sell most of your resources in completed villages, because you won’t really need them anymore anyway.

5. Select the puzzles you want in the game
As you play, you unlock variations of the same puzzle type (as in different types of grass, birds, trees and so on). They all have their Pros and Cons – some give special moves, some unlock items faster, others resources and so on. Select the puzzles you want active in the game based on your needs and don’t be afraid to experiment and see which goes best for you. Because sometimes getting the free moves from the Turkeys is Better than having the Chicken, especially if you’re already having a ton of eggs…

6. The time lapse cheat
We have not tried this and we can’t guarantee that it will work, but it’s worth trying: you can try and speed up the in-game time by quitting the game, then going to your device’s settings and setting the time forward. Get back to the game and see if all the timers have been reseted.

Apart from that, you really have to play a lot: the more you play, the better you get at this game and the more resources you’ll gather. That is, in the end, the point of the game: to keep you busy for a long time, and Puzzle Craft 2 does so masterfully!


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