Similar to other gacha game, Punishing Gray Raven also offers players a variety of banners that comes under its gacha system “R&D (Research)”. When players perform research, there is a high chance of getting a previously owned character – in that case, the new copy obtained is called Dupe or Duplicate and it is used to increase the rank of the character.

Before players start performing gacha pulls in the game, they should know about the gacha rates in PGR, whether if PGR offers a gacha pity or not and how do Dupes work in PGR?.

With that being said, let us talk about how do Dupes work in PGR?.

How Do Dupes Work in Punishing Gray Raven

Image Credit – Hritwik, Kuro Games

Similar to other gacha games, while performing research (gacha pulls) on banners in PGR. If players get an already owned character (Dups), they get an Inver-shard – which they can use to increase the rank of the character.

Image Credit – Hritwik, Kuro Games

Every character has a different shard. Like, for Lucia we have Inver-Shard Lotus, for Lee, we have Inver-Shard – Palefire – so on, every character has its own version of Inver-Shard. So, players cannot use a duplicate of Lucia to upgrade a different character like Lee, Liv, or others.

How Much Inver-Shards You Get From Pulling Duplicates?

Here is the amount of Inver-Shards you get when you pull a duplicate character or item.

  • B rank duplicate gives 6 Inver-Shards.
  • A rank duplicate gives 18 Inver-Shards.
  • Compositor duplicate gives 18 Inver-Shards.
  • S rank duplicate gives 30 Inver-Shards.

Amount of Inver-Shards Needed to Rank Up in PGR

Here is the amount of Inver-Shards needed to increase the rank of a character.

  • B –> A: needs 10 Inver-Shards.
  • A –> S: needs 20 Inver-Shards.
  • S –> SS: needs 30 Inver-Shards.
  • SS –> SSS: needs 90 Inver-Shards.
  • SSS –> SSS+(max rarity): needs 180 Inver-Shards.

Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced Action-RPG currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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