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Pumpkin Panic Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Pumpkin Panic Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More
Credit to creator Bilalaika
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If you are looking for a game that’s cute, challenge and downright terrifying, you have to try Pumpkin Panic. Here you play a little Pumpkin headed creature on a farm surrounded by forests. All truly seems serene until some mysterious things happen on the farm. Can you survive this nightmare?

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The Best Ways To Make Money In Pumpkin Panic

Crops in Pumpkin Panic
Credit to Bilalaika

There’s not much to do on the farm besides crops and fishing, the latter of which you’ll have to craft if you want to use it. The choice is yours, but the overall goal is to get enough money to get the parts to fix the boat and escape the area. Fish really don’t bring in a lot of money, so you can skip if you want to. For easier and faster money, just sell the sticks and weed in the recycling machine. It’s the thing on the right side of the house that looks like a buzzsaw on a table. Seeds are easier and a better profit because you can increase crops value over time. Cheat tip: you can speedrun watering and planting crops by holding down whatever button on your controller goes left and right and pressing the action button at the same time.

Monsters In Pumpkin Panic

The Skinwalker

The first monsters you’re going to meet is a skinwalker. It will show up about 10 minutes into the game, being preceded by creepy violin music and the crow telling you to run and hide. As soon as you hear that music, you immediately run into your house. Don’t finish any tasks, don’t try running from outside, just get inside as quickly as possible. It’s going to make an unpleasant noise when it slams on your door, so be prepared for a jumpscare. After it does that, wait a few minutes and you should be clear to go back outside. Never dillydally indoors for too long because if you do, the candles on the table next to the bed will go out and a shadowy ghost monster will attack you.

The Clown Brothers

You might notice eventually a sign stuck to the front of your house with a picture of a clown that says, “follow my song”. This is the trickiest mechanic in the game. What you have to do is follow the melody until you encounter a red clown. Follow it quickly or the clown will leave, and you’ll have to either wait the next night or just hope you’re lucky. Lore note: There’s a monster with glowing red eyes that shows up in the well at night, but he won’t attack you, he’ll just give you heart palpitations.

Now we’re sure horror movies have taught you not to follow clowns with red balloons, but there’s an exception here. The red clown will have a balloon you need to take. Hold onto this because its important later. On the same night, an aggressive blue clown also playing music will come after you. To pacify him, give him the red balloon. You can’t really skip this because unlike the skinwalker, the blue clown can come into your house and attack you. If you can master this mechanic, you should be able to survive in the game for a while, because spoiler alert, you’ll have to perform this every night.

The Not-Deer Deer

You might have seen around the perimeter of the farm small signs with the silhouette of a deer on them. This is a clue about what the next monster that shows up will be like. On the second night, a mysterious deer will show up, but we can assure you it’s no Bambi. If you go near it, it will turn into a Wendigo and attack and chase you. Just like with the Skinwalker, your best course of action is to just get inside the house as fast as possible. Once it goes back to being a deer, you’re safe to return outside.

What To Level First In Pumpkin Panic

The two big things you should focus on leveling are your boots to make you faster so that you can run away from the enemies if need be. Remember, you have no way of defending yourself, so if they touch you once, you’re done. You can unlock the other fields if you want to and plant other crops, but it’s more worth it just to use the main field since you don’t have a ton of time to fill in all of them. The days are short, and the monsters are waiting in the shadows for you. Cheat tip: another easy money hack is picking up those shiny coins you occasionally find on the ground. These are supposed to be for changing your outfit, but you can sell them instead. We’re not here for fashion, we’re here to not get eaten.

The game ends when you are able to get all of the gears for the boat. Put them into the engine, jump into the cab and head on out. You survived the hellscape farm!

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Pumpkin Panic Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More