Pug My Virtual Dog is a beautiful Android game that challenges you to take care of a little dog and make sure it is entertained and happy. There are a ton of activities in the game and even more things to unlock, so we’ll talk a bit about making it all happen in today’s article where I’ll be sharing some Pug My Virtual Dog cheats and tips.

If you have played similar games in the past where you have to take care of virtual pets, you mostly know the drill by now.

But if this is your first virtual pet game or if you want to make sure that you’re not missing on anything important, read on for some Pug My Virtual Dog tips and tricks!

Keep your dog healthy, well fed and well rested

These are the three main things that you have to look for in the game and it’s extremely easy to make sure that you’re always at maximum levels.

Keep the dog well fed (the type of food you’re feeding him doesn’t really matter, so just pick what is cheaper or what you enjoy the most), then make sure to wash it, as well as the clothes (and keep the room tidy!) then let it sleep for a while. This is a daily routine – or, if you play more often, something to do every few hours.

Minigames are the heart of this game

You need coins in Pug, the Android game, and the easiest way to get a ton of them is by playing one of the many minigames available.

There are really no limits here and you can play over and over again until your device runs out of battery.

And even though the game(s) that you enjoy the most should be played the most, my recommendation is to be smart about this and play the games where you can win the most money in the shortest possible time.

There are five categories of games (you can switch from one to the other by tapping the buttons at the bottom), each with multiple options available.

The fun recommendation here is that you should play them all and see which ones are the easiest to play in each category, then focus on playing those over and over again.

It all depends on the skills you have and your preferences, but if you want my opinion, here are some of the games that I have played the most in Pug My Virtual Dog and got a ton of coins in return:

In the first category: the Fruit Slicing game and the Piano game
In the second category: the Bird Jumping game and the woodcutter game
In the third category: the Skiing game and the Blue car game

And so on. Just play each game at least once and you will soon see which are better choices for you and where you can win the biggest amount of coins in the shortest amount of time.

Then play them over and over again – and when you get bored, there are so many other to choose from anyway!

Customize your pug

With so much money earned, it’s now time to customize your pug! There are tons of items available (from the menu to the right) and you will unlock even more as you progress through the levels.

The items that you unlock have no effect in the game and are just for the looks of your super-pug, so choose those that you enjoy the most and come up with the zaniest combinations possible!

Customize your rooms

Apart from clothes and accessories for the dog, you can also change a ton of things in each of the rooms available in the game. You need a lot of coins for that (yay for more playing!) but the potential here is endless.

So work your magic and hit the hammer button in the menu to the right, for each room, then select one of the items you want to change and browse through the tons of options.

There are a ton of things to do in Pug: My Virtual Dog and this is certainly that type of a game where you will come back for more over and over again. It’s really fun!

But if you have more Pug My Virtual Dog tips and tricks to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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