PUBG New State 0.9.24 Update Patch Notes: New Mode, Maps, Features, More

PUBG New State

PUBG New State 0.9.24 update has been released officially. In the latest development, Krafton has added a new Round Deathmatch mode which takes place in Arena map. In addition to this, MP5K SMG has joined the game’s weapon pool along with a silent firearm known as Crossbow.

The latest PUBG New State 0.9.24 update is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here are the complete patch notes of the PUBG New State 0.9.24 update.

New Mode: Round Deathmatch

Round Deathmatch is a new 4v4 deathmatch mode where the first team to win 4 out of 7 rounds wins the match.

  • The two teams will battle it out in the Arena, Round Deathmatch’s first map!
  • The Playzone will be restricted from the start of the match and set randomly around the center of the map.
  • In Phase 2, the Playzone will be near the Care Package in the center of the map.
  • The last remaining team (regardless of number) will win the round. The first team to win 4 rounds will be crowned the winners of the match!
  • Round Deathmatch has the same default weapon presets as Team Deathmatch.
  • At the start of each round, you will be able to select the weapon preset you want.
  • You will also start each round with 1 grenade, 1 smoke grenade, and 1 flash grenade.
  • Additionally, a Deployable Shield: Wide Type will be prepared at the entrance of your base.
  • Just like in Battle Royale mode, you will be knocked when you reach 0 HP rather than dying immediately.
  • If you die, you can spectate your surviving team members’ gameplay until the next round.
  • The time it takes to revive a knocked-down team member has been reduced to 5 seconds.
  • The Groza, the AUG, or the P90 will randomly spawn every round on top of the Care Package in the center of the map.

In Round Deathmatch, you can train not just your gunplay but your movement and positioning based on the locations of the Playzone as well.

Tip: Cooperation, using available cover and throwables strategically, and positioning will help your team get that Chicken Dinner

Team Deathmatch Rework

  • The Team Deathmatch map “Station” has been revamped.
    • The map has been widened to create more diverse engagement situations.
    • Additionally, underutilized routes and objects that provide cover have been greatly improved.
    • Players who die 4 consecutive times without getting any kills will be provided with a Lv. 3 helmet and Lv. 3 body armor at their next respawn.
      • In this situation, you will receive Lv. 3 body armor at every respawn until you get a kill.
  • The Team Deathmatch interface has been revamped.
    • The design of the top-screen UI that displays match information has been changed.
      • The loading screen will show additional information about your allies and opponents.
      • At the end of the match, an overall match results window with the kill scores of both your allies and opponents will appear.
      • The pop-up message alerting players of kill streaks has been improved.
      • System messages will now display information about the status and progress of the match.
    • System messages that display alerts about player activity have been added.
      • An alert when a kill streak of 5 is reached has been added.
      • The Ace system message will appear when a player is the first to achieve 8 and 16 kills in a match.
  • The equipment method for Deathmatch gun presets has been improved.
    • Selecting an attachment will equip it immediately. When reselected, it will immediately be removed.
    • A guide on detailed preset settings has been added to the Team Deathmatch map settings screen.
  • The BP rewards acquired from playing Team Deathmatch has been doubled.
  • You can queue for both Round Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch by selecting both maps under Multiple Selections in the Map Settings.

New Weapons and Weapon Updates

  • New Weapon: MP5K
    • The MP5K is a 9mm SMG that can be equipped with any attachment.
      • The MP5K will spawn in Troi, Erangel, and the Training Ground.
      • With easy recoil control, the MP5K offers a balanced performance in close-quarters combat.
  • New Weapon: Crossbow
    • The Crossbow deals high damage as a silent ranged weapon but has very low reload speed.
      • The Crossbow will spawn in Troi, Erangel, and the Training Ground.
      • When equipped with a crossbow-specific attachment, the reload speed is increased by 25%.
      • Bolts will spawn on the field and can also be purchased in the Drone Store.
    • Crossbow customizations will be revealed in the future, so please stay tuned!
  • DSR-1 Update: New Reload Feature Added
    • A reload feature specific to the DSR-1 has been added.A feature that will enable the ability to use the DSR-1’s backup magazine has been added.
      • After you’ve used 5 bullets, you can reload quickly by using 5 spare bullets in the backup magazine.
      • You must reload twice to reload both magazines. Tapping [Reload] once will reload the main magazine, and tapping [Reload] again will reload the backup magazine.

New Gun Customizations

  • M249 [C2] Ballistic Shield
    • A new customization is now availble for the M249.
      • With the Ballistic Shield customization, attachable shields will be mounted on the left and right sides of the HandGuard.
      • The attachable shields blocks enemy fire and cannot be destroyed.
      • The ADS speed is slightly decreased.
  • MP5K [C1] Laser Sight
    • With the Laser Sight customization, the MP5K will be equipped with a laser sight on the rail’s left side.
      • The ammunition rate when firing from the hip or shoulder has been increased.
      • Horizontal recoil control is slightly decreased.

New Feature: Co-op Revive/Recruit

You can now revive a teammate or recruit enemy players more quickly with Co-op Revive/Recruit.

  • The Co-op Revive/Recruit function lets up to 3 team members revive a teammate or recruit an enemy player together more quickly than before. 
  • The more teammates you have helping you revive or recruit someone, the less time it will take to revive/recuit them.
    1. 1 Teammate Helping to Revive/Recruit → 10 seconds (Base)
    2. 2 Teammates Helping to Revive/Recruit → 6 seconds (decreased up to 4 seconds)
    3. 3 Teammates Helping to Revive/Recruit → 4 seconds (decreased up to 6 seconds)
  • The Co-op Revive/Recruit function will also let teammates who are reviving/recruiting swap with another teammate.
  • As long as 1 team member is still reviving/recruiting, the revive/recruit process will continue until completion.
  • When using Co-op Revive/Recruit, the Co-op Revive/Recruit UI and progress bar will appear.

Reticle Customization

You can now customize the shape and color of reticles for certain scopes in the Settings menu.

  • Crosshair Color: Choose from 9 basic colors or use the RGB color picker to further customize the color!
  • Reticle Shape: Choose from a range of reticles specific to the scope.
  • The following scopes/reticles can be customized:
    • Reticle Shape/Color:
      • Red Dot Sight (6 reticles styles available)
      • Viper A-spec Sight (5 reticles styles available)
    • Reticle Color:
      • Basic Crosshair
      • 2x Scope
      • 3x Scope

Survivor Pass Vol. 4

Survivor Pass Vol. 4 is now available!

  • The protagonist of Volume 4 is Mayhem’s Doug Bikerway. Complete all the story missions to get all the costumes and character skins for free.
  • Upgrade to the Premium Pass to receive the Imperial Guard Costume Set. Purchasing the Premium Plus+ Pass will allow you to instantly receive even better rewards.
  • If you purchase the Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, the NC you used in the purchase will be returned.

New Survivor Pass Badge Feature

Your Survivor Pass badge information will now be displayed with your nickname so that you can check Survivor Pass progress at a glance!

  • For every 10 levels obtained through the Survivor Pass, the pass badge will grow by one tier.
    • EX: Pass Level 1-10 → Tier 1
    • EX: Pass Level 41-50 → Tier 5
  • The badge designs for the Premium Pass and the Premium Plus+ Pass have been changed to a more special design.

Store: Gift System

You can now purchase items in the NC Store as gifts for a friend.

  • Crates on sale will be sold as Crate Tickets in the NC Store during the sale period.

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