PUBG Mobile

A massive PUBG Mobile update is going live later today on iOS and Android, introducing a lot of new content as well as a new Battle Pass.

The biggest additions of the soon to be released new PUBG Mobile update are the new Domination mode and an Arena map simple called Town, where the mode is actually played.

In Domination Mode, two teams of 4 players have to capture at least three different bases to win. Bases are not all active at the beginning of the match, however, so the game evolves over its duration in some very interesting ways. The Town map is also designed to make Domination mode as engaging as Classic mode.

Speaking of Classic Mode, it is also getting some new content with the new update, in the form of a new vehicle for the Vikendi map, the Light Snowmobile, a faster and less resilient variant of the regular Snowmobile. The Warehouse map is also making a comeback, but as a training map that will allow players to test all of the game’s currently available weapons.

As already mentioned, the new Battle Pass is also launching today, offering players new missions, rewards, cosmetics and so on.

PUBG Mobile is now available on iOS and Android. The new update will drop later today on both formats.


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