PUBG Mobile Lite: How to complete Forager Achievement

PUBG Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite’s latest Forager Achievement is considered to be one of the tough achievements to conquer. To complete Forager Achievement in PUBG Mobile Lite, players must complete three missions while in the Gold tier or above. After completing them, players will be rewarded with a Classic crate coupon and 20 achievement points.

For unaware, Classic crate coupons are used to open weapon boxes through which players can obtain various gun skins in PUBG Mobile Lite. Beyond this, players can also purchase some exclusive in-game items using Achievement points.

Unlike other achievements, this one is a bit hard to accomplish. Thus, we have laid down a guide to complete Forager Achievement in PUBG Mobile Lite with some tips and tricks to conquer it easily.

How to complete Forager Achievement in PUBG Mobile Lite

To complete the Forager Achievement, players have to accomplish the following missions in PUBG Mobile Lite’s Classic mode:

  1. Be the first one to open 5 air drops in a single match.
  2. Collect 20 crates from the dead enemies in a single match.
  3. Collect 20 outfits in a single match.
Forager Achievement missions

It’s important to note that the player must be in the Gold tier or above while completing the aforementioned tasks. Moreover, the 3-sub missions don’t have to be completed in the same match.

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Tips and Tricks to get Forager Achievement easily

  • Search for a vehicle at the beginning of the match and loot all the airdrops quickly.
  • Land on the edge of the map to kill Disconnected players and loot their crates.
  • Land on empty areas to encounter bots.
  • Don’t forget to pick up their outfits to complete the final task.
  • Don’t drop into the crowded areas to avoid unnecessary fights.

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PUBG Mobile Lite: How to complete Forager Achievement


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