PUBG Mobile Best Mobile Control Layout for Gameplay Advantage


PUBG Mobile is a mobile first-person shooter game. It is originated from the PC and console versions and like many other shooters with such an origin it has its control layout settings as one of the most important parts of your game experience. Someone can say that the way you’ve set your layout is more important than your skill. This guide will tell you about the best mobile control layout for PUBG Mobile.

How to Change Control Layout in PUBG Mobile

If you want to make your game experience in PUBG Mobile more comfortable, you will need to change your control layout. So, if you want to do so you should know how to make these changes. Here is the full list of steps you need to follow:

  • Open the PUBG Mobile app
  • Open the Settings menu
  • Open the Controls tab

You will be able to find three different layouts in the Controls tab. These provide you with various control options that you can start with to determine the most comfortable for you. However, you may need to create your own layout to play better.

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Best Control Layouts for PUBG Mobile

Basic control layouts for PUBG Mobile are good for those who only started their way on these battlegrounds and still haven’t chosen the most comfortable setup. However, once you become more experienced, you will be able to see that a better layout may give you an advantage in battle. So, we are going to tell you about the most comfortable layout that you can set to get an advantage over the opponents.

There are many possible good control layouts, but there is an interesting hint you should use. It is called Finger Claw setup. It means that you put both your thumb and forefinger on the screen and use them for control. If you set it like this, you will be able to shoot your target without interrupting your movement or aiming, while a player that uses only both thumbs will have to do it. So, the main principle of creating the most effective control layouts is to try to use more than two fingers to be able to perform multiple actions.

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PUBG Mobile Best Mobile Control Layout for Gameplay Advantage


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