PUBG Mobile

Last week, PUBG Mobile received a new update which marked the beginning of the fifth competitive season, but it seems like the developer is not yet done adding new content, as more stuff has been added to the game with a new beta update.

The new update, update 0.11.0, adds a Resident Evil 2: Sunset limited event mode, where players will have to fight against zombies and more taken straight from Resident Evil 2. Additionally, the main menu theme and music is also the same seen in Resident Evil 2.

The update also adds more content not related to the Capcom survival-horror game. Among the new additions are Moonlight weather for Vikendi, Personal Spaces for player information, push to talk chat, Sanhok added to arcade mode, Air Raid adjustment and much more. Several features that have been added recently to the PC version of the game have also made their way into the mobile release through the update

PUBG Mobile is now available on iOS and Android in all regions. A final release date for the 0.11.0 update has yet to be confirmed, so the only way to experience the new content is by downloading the beta update.


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