Protect Teddy is a really nice and action packed side scrolling game for the iPhone and iPad where you need to protect a cutesy looking teddy bear from all sorts of evil creatures. Since protecting teddy bears is not as easy as it might sound at first, I am here to share with you a set of Protect Teddy cheats and tips in what will hopefully become a complete strategy guide for this fun game.

So let’s not waste and second and let’s check out the Protect Teddy tips and tricks below for this great iOS game!

1. Go for combos
Don’t start tapping as soon as the monsters appear on screen – wait a second as a better placed one might appear, so that you can get a complete combo. Combos are triggered when your next tap is within the circle created by the previous attack. You should try to get each wave with a combo to get the biggest possible score.

2. Eliminate monsters
However, combos are not your main priority, so if a monster is threatening to attack and he’s in the other side of the screen, just tap it. Staying alive brings you more points in the end!

3. Upgrades to purchase
There are a ton of upgrades available for purchase and they are pretty expensive, therefore you should focus on getting them in a specific order. I would suggest upgrading your Health twice and Damage 1 time before anything else. Then complete the first level of Masteries in any order you’d like and if you still have coins, upgrade the health one more. Leave the Power Upgrades for when you really have the Masteries upgraded and you’ll be fine.

4. Use the angel!
And use it when it matters! The angel can be summoned when you swipe down and it will protect your king. They are pretty expensive, though, so make sure you only call them when things start to get pretty busy on the screen, otherwise you’re wasting coins and angels. How does the angel work? He’s taking all the monsters with him when he’s facing destruction!

5. Collect all stars
I know that it’s difficult to collect stars atop everything else that you have to do in the game, but the Fever mode can really help you up your score to great heights. It’s imperative to take your time there and make sure you always hit a monster when you tap to get huge combos!

6. Collect the coins too
Yup, even more tapping to do! You also have to collect all the coins that appear on screen after killing monsters in order to actually get them, otherwise you’re also wasting money.

7. Complete the missions
They up your multiplyer per each set completed, so it’s a good idea to complete them as soon as possible. And don’t use boosts before starting a game, they are rarely useful and just waste your coins.

8. Practice, practice, practice
The best way to get better at Protect Teddy is to keep on playing the game. You will learn how to tap, how to get the combos right and, by playing, you will get enough coins to unlock all the upgrades and even get new knights. So keep on playing! It’s fun!

And these are our Protect Teddy tips and tricks to help you get a high score that will make the world envy you. If you have other strategies to share with fellow players, let us know by commenting below!


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