Home Guides Project Zomboid: What Does Discomfort Mean? – Answered

Project Zomboid: What Does Discomfort Mean? – Answered

Project Zomboid: What Does Discomfort Mean? – Answered

Project Zomboid is a game that instead of focusing on killing zombies, revolves around surviving in a quarantined area plagued by a zombie disease. You have to maintain your sanity, take decent physical care of yourself, and most importantly avoid getting bitten. You’re going to succumb eventually, but how long is what the game challenges you to try. You can give traits to your character to help improve their chance of survival. At its core, Zomboid is a test of endurance and survival. Something important to survival here is maintaining your comfort. When you aren’t, you’ll see a message saying Discomfort. This is what Discomfort means in Project Zomboid.

How Discomfort Happens In Project Zomboid

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Discomfort can mean a number of things, some of which are easy to fix, and others not so much. Overall, it can be fixed by getting proper sleep, having food, and fulfilling your basic needs.

How To Manage Loads In Project Zomboid

Characters in Project Zomboid.

Carrying too much weight will trigger the Discomfort message. Alleviate it by clearing out some of the things you have on hand that you don’t need. To avoid this completely, do not carry around any loads larger than those marked Heavy when going long distances. If you have Discomfort for too long, your HP will very slowly start to decrease.

How To Treat Injuries In Project Zomboid

Mild injuries such as scratches cause Discomfort to happen. You can heal these by using bandages. The Discomfort moodle will go away as you heal. More serious injuries like falling out of buildings will also cause Discomfort. Basically, if you don’t die from your injury, you’ll most likely see the moodle. You can also fix it by getting an ample amount of rest when incapacitated.

Getting Bitten In Project Zomboid

If weight or mild injuries isn’t the case, Discomfort can also mean that you are in the beginning stages of being infected after getting bitten by a zombie. For this, there isn’t really anything you can do except wait it out. Getting infected unfortunately means that the end of your playthrough is near, as there is no cure for the virus and no way to slow it down.

Zomboid is a fantastic game for players who love challenging survival games. Test out if you would survive a zombie apocalypse today by playing Project Zomboid.

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Project Zomboid: What Does Discomfort Mean? – Answered


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