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Project Zomboid: Best Traits Guide

Project Zomboid: Best Traits Guide

Project Zomboid is an exciting game where you need to survive in a world filled with zombies. The project has a huge list of various traits that will make your character stronger or weaker. So, you may want to choose the best of them and today we are going to help you. This guide will tell you about the best traits in Project Zomboid.

Best Traits in Project Zomboid

When you start your playthrough in Project Zomboid, you have to create your character and decide which traits you want to use. These passive skills provide your avatar with some valuable bonuses. However, you will also have to choose some negative traits. So, today we are going to tell you about a few passives that you can choose to make the best character.

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1 – Dexterous

In Project Zomboid you will always have to deal with difficult situations. Your time will be limited and you will need to use your inventory quickly. This positive trait decreases your inventory transferring time by 50%.

2 – Wakeful

In order to keep your character healthy, you will need to sleep. However, if you choose this perk you will be able to waste less time on this activity. The Wakeful trait decreases the required sleep time by 30%.

3 – Lucky

Here is a perk that allows you to get more loot. It provides you with a 10% bonus to your chances to find something. Also, it decreases your chance to fail when you repair some items by 5%.

4 – Weak Stomach

This is one of the least problematic negative traits as it simply doubles your chances to get food illness. Your character will be affected by it only if you eat something rotten. So, this trait can be used to get some free points as you will unlikely have to eat rotten stuff.

5 – High Thirst

The final trait on this list will force you to carry additional bottles of water. However, it doesn’t seem to be really problematic and the doubled thirst is quite a simple thing to deal with.

There are lots of different perks that you can find in this game and you can write about your favorite ones in the comment section below this article. Also, here you can read our guide on how to use M16 in this project. Good luck with your further exploration of the Project Zomboid world!

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Project Zomboid: Best Traits Guide


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