Pro Feel Golf brings a near-realistic golfing experience to iOS devices! Plan your shots, upgrade your clubs, and score big with simple, one-touch controls. Compete with your friends or just relax! We’ll help you hone your golfing skills with our Pro Feel Golf cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Try out the dailies!

The daily challenges can be accessed through the main menu. These challenges are great ways to earn some extra coins, and they don’t cost anything to play (Besides possibly having to buy new equipment), so give it a shot! Also, contrary to their name, these challenges sometimes only last for a few hours and not whole days. Check back often to see when there’s a new daily!

2. Aim for the stars!

Each level has three stars that you can earn by fulfilling specific achievements. Collecting stars will unlock upgrades and more levels for you. You always get one by default by simply passing the level within the par, but the other two are ones you have to hunt down. Some of them will ask you to use a power up or a certain type of equipment, some will ask you to perform a perfect hit, and so forth. They vary with each level. Check them before you start!

3. Try adding a little “spin” to your shots!

Depending on where you tap the golf ball when you hit, spin will be applied. Tapping the center will add no spin, but in other places…

  • Topspin: Tapping the top part of the ball will add topspin, which decreases carry but increases run.
  • Backspin: Tapping the bottom part of the ball will add backspin, which increases carry but decreases run.
  • Sidespin: Tapping the left side results in a fade, while the right side a draw. This will carry your ball more in the corresponding the direction.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, “carry” refers to the initial distance your ball travels, while “run” is the distance it makes after the first bounce on the ground. Take advantage of spin to maneuver obstacles! You can even combine some of these spins by tapping in the diagonal spots.

4.  Have a quick finger!

The rate at which the shot meter charges up is deceptively fast. Get used to tapping quick, as out-of-control shots are highly detrimental to your game. Also, if you feel like you’re going to screw up a shot, don’t tap. Just the let the ball meter fill up, then back down, and your shot will automatically cancel, giving you another go. Don’t rush; take your time!

5. Master the elements; study your surroundings!

There are two main factors to consider before taking long shots: lie and wind speed. Lie is how much the terrain your ball is resting on affects your power. For example, if it says Lie 90%, you’re only shooting for 90% of your normal power, which means you should try to compensate for the missing power. You deal with wind speed almost the same way. If the wind is blowing fast against the direction you want to go, try aiming further in that direction. Mastering the terrain and the elements is key to perfecting your shots!

6. Watch the putting grid!

The putting grid will enable once you’re close enough to the hole. The grid will show dips or inclines in the ground: blue for downhill, red for uphill. Look at the grid before you putt to make sure you’re compensating correspondingly!

That’s it! Ready to golf? If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


    • THANK YOU! I worked really hard to get a -5 for five days, a -6 once, and a -16 on the big one… which puts me at -46 for the week… yet the person at #1 on the leaderboard has a -58!!!

      • To get to -7 you need to play a par 3 in one shot, a par 4 with an eagle and a par 5 in 2 shots (albatros). Yes it’s possible, but you need a lot of points, as you will have to buy a lot of power-ups (to get more distance and Mulligans). It’s even possible to sometimes make a par 4 or par 5 in one shot, with a good wind and some power-ups. So yes -7 is possible, but even -8 and -9 !!!! Of course, you need to master your play first and know all the courses very well. But to play around -60 for a week will cost you around 100-150000 points (for buying power-ups and Mulligans).

        • Let me explain more:

          if you need to make a par 3 in 1 shot, you have 2 possibilities:
          – If it’s the first hole of the day, and you miss your shot, you can restart the course or you can use a Mulligan (and sometimes it’s better, because if you have wind and you restart, the wind will be from another direction, and you will have to find the correct way of playing the hole again), as long as you don’t get the hole in 1! It can mean a lot of Mulligans.
          – If it’s not the first hole, you HAVE to use Mulligans.

          For par 4 and 5, you use a power-up for distance (if needed) and on the second shot, you try to get in the hole. If not you use Mulligans.

          Par 5 can be played with a distance power-up first and a lot of Mulligans after to make it in 2 (getting an albatros).

          Be careful with water, as you can’t use Mulligans if you get in !!!!

    • I can get a -6 if the par five is short. I use the control club, power ball, and the power upgrade, and can get an albatross. But it’s rare. I usually get a birdie on the par 3, and an eagle on the par 4 and par 5. My weekly total was -46 this week. But the person at #1 on the leaderboard has a -58! I wanna know how they’re doing it. It’s not fair to those of us playing honestly and trying really hard.

  1. I’m sick of it. I’m 31 under for the week on the dailies and I’m 10 strokes behind the leader. Beyond the obvious cheating going on the people who run the game will not do a thing about it. So the same few people win the prize week in and week out. When brought to the attention of those in charge they do nothing to remedy the problem I can’t find another decent game for my phone or I wotuld never play it again. As it stands this game is not worth playing unless I can find out how they get 7 or 8 under for 3 holes. I’m 31 under after 6 days and 10 strokes back. Stupid cheating sucks.

    • I’m at -46, no cheating. Just LOTS of practice, and I start playing the daily as soon as it becomes available to get the best score I possibly can. I start over until I get a -5 or -6 (on a REALLY GOOD day.) but these people getting -58 for the week HAVE GOT TO BE CHEATING.

  2. Love playing the game but just as frustrated as the others when you have a good weekly score but find your 25th and miles off the leader who has achieved an impossible score. Be good to interact with players in one on ones.

  3. I just genuinely got a -47 under par for the week and that was with a hole in one an albatross and every par 4 or par 5 I got an eagle and par 3 were all birdie bar the hole in one it was genuine with a lot of hard work but that puts me in 4 th for the week how the hell are people getting -55 I mean that’s some hole in ones and albatross to beat my score I thought I had it in the bag this week

    • THANK YOU!!! Sounds EXACTLY like my game every week! And the other thing it likes to do is show that I’m in 1st or 2nd place all the way up till midnight, and then SOMEHOW I’m in 4th place when it starts over for the week and I win NADA. I’ve been playing this game for at least two years, and can count less than 6-7 times that I’ve actually won couns. It’s bs!

      • I’m exactly where you are playing this.
        I said something to the “ support team “
        And they responded that people go back and spend coins to replay the holes to get the scores they get.
        It’s a statistical impossibility to get hole in ones every single hole unless they are manipulating the game
        But the support team doesn’t believe so.
        So that leads me to believe it’s a bot playing the game .
        Possibly even written I to their program .
        By them. So they don’t have to give away anything .
        They have been good at responding to me tho
        And actually have credited me coins and balls for rank. Due to glitches

  4. It makes me laugh how people complain about a machine cheating. The producers are not interested in whether you win or not they are only interested in getting your money, there are no winners except the producers of the game are the winners, they set the game, you play the game, you get frustrated on the game, play some more of the game and try to win the game. And BANG!!! you’ve spent some money.

    • It has also charged me for coins I DID NOT BUY. I challenge charges at LEAST twice a month with this app. Wish I could find another one that is as fun and well made.

  5. For those of you getting really good scores and not cheating, are you using power ups to get the Eagles and albatross’s on par four’s and par fives? If so which power ups? I wondered if using and mastering the spin power up has anything to do with success. I love this game. Much love, Lorettabiggolf (steadily at 27 under par each week)

  6. I’d like to know how an eagle only gives 1 frigan star. How the hell do you even get close to the 4th course if they’re idea of a good game is getting a hole in 1 one on every hole.

  7. Who is this Jony Wishbone? You don’t see his name all week, then Sunday night he shoots a -76? Something is a mystery.

    • THANK YOU!!! I quit playing the game for a long time, b/c my husband was complaining about how much money I was spending on power ups… and now this guy shows up with -76 for the week. HOW?!

    • Jony Wishbone is exactly why I’m on this site. -70 or more every week? Statistically impossible unless he is a robot or the game owners trying to keep us from advancing. I’ve only been in the top ten on Sunday once. Monday morning found me 22nd. Someone or something is manipulating this game.

  8. Ya why do u not mention snap stop and how it works as well as how to use it .and what is airspin shot ive tryed to spin ball to no avail is it a special ball ?

  9. What kind of tips and tricks is this?
    ‘Hey you want extra help to do better?’
    ‘Of course; I want to be better and learn some good tricks’
    ‘Cool, let me just tell you exactly what the game tells you on the loading screen. Cool?’
    I’m so tired of these incompetent bloggers, authors, or journalists. Whether it be gaming, sports or tech websites; these people get paid to just type useless, incorrect or completely false information. On top of the all time and effort these ‘writers’ waste, 90% of all the post I read aren’t even written well.
    I truly hope one of these companies will step up and hire competent writers or editors.

  10. Play at your own risk. Aside from the endless glitches and crashes this game is fixed at regular intervals. If you play a lot like I do(even though it’s a crock I’m addicted)you’ll soon see

  11. Ok, so more of the same…I used mulligans and no other power ups this to 40 points..if I had used the power shots, maybe I could get to 50? Winner gets 74! I don’t care how much they practice, that’s just not possible on the game I’m playing…so are bots the only answer?

  12. Could easily be the best golf game but they still have lots of bugs to fix. For starters, how sensitive the aiming is and not to mention at time when I find the spot I want and remove my finger, it will change on me. This is the most annoying issue. Also, when trying to reach the green and you can’t see where the landing point is, is BS as well. The power ups don’t always work like their suppose to. The winds don’t play accurate and the different style of hits as well. You have a perfect hit with a 15mph wind in the face and pin location is 240yards, there is no way in hell that your drive should be going almost 300yards. There is more but they know what needs to be fixed but they won’t do anything about it because they want you to spend money to over come those issues.

  13. I’ve managed to reach course 7 of 8, but am stuck on the first hole my driver used to get 300 yds but is now back to 240 and can’t reach any fairway. Ideas?

  14. How is it possible to miss a two inch shot. I , cannot to any degree imagine , such a tapestry Believe me it has happened more then once. Highly surrealistic.

  15. You know when I was kid, I worked for my uncle in a carnival during the summer to buy school clothes, I learned to spot a rigged game. There are quite a few apps out there that fall into this category. But this is the most crooked game I think that I’ve eVer played. Everyone is right about the scoring it’s insane. Or, how many games I’ve lost because of my “lost internet connection” which is at 4 bars? It’s obvious it’s their server. Or the times with a perfect hit with no wind and the target on the cup the ball lands in the rough 100 feet in front of the green! Even the carnival is checked and regulated by the authorities, and most of them are still crooked. There is not any agency ensuring that programmers make a fun and honest game that doesn’t rip off consumers, having worked for Apple Coputer and others in Silicon Valley for most of my life I know how a “glitch” can easily be programmed so even if you make a perfect shot you don’t get a perfect shot. They didn’t invent the app to entertain us, they invented it to make money, variations in a program cheats the consumer and constitutes theft. I think in the near future there will be regulations, investigations and indictments. I really enjoy playing Pro Feel Golf so my new rule is I’m not spending anymore money on the game! I urge others to do the same. When their loss in revenue costs more than they can make cheating consumers, many companies will make entertaining, honest games that they can still profit from.

  16. I agree I’ve been playing this game for about a year. Enjoy it a lot but no way can’t compete with some people. Also feel there are robots playing this game many times will get a eagle 1045 On a par 5 and lo and behold somebody will come in with a 1050 10:55 almost every time very frustrating Elite game but enjoy playing this when I can’t get out and play regular golf

  17. Can somebody explain to me how to look correctly use both indicators That constantly move as I set my mark on my aim. Also how to chose clubs for the hole about to shot. What are the significance of both clubs and balls and when is the right hole to use them on. And what is meant when you tap the side of the ball to “fade” it. I understand then spins. And the wind when aiming for a chip shot How does the wind play a factor on the shot cause I am lining up the shot hit the right amount of power and the ball goes elsewhere. Thank you. I


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