Mordor will once again open its borders to new heroes with the launch of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, an upcoming RPG for mobile created by Warner Bros in collaboration with IUGO Mobile Entertainment. Hope you’re ready to face the hordes of Orcs once more!

To make things a bit easier for you, pre-registration is available on both the Google Play Store, as well as the App Store. Players who pre-register for Apple devices will receive an exclusive character bundle featuring Ratbag and an Orc starter army, while fans who pre-register for Android devices will receive a version of Shelob in her fair form character, who will be playable for the first time on any platform.

So you definitely want to pre-register! Goodies are always welcome – so make sure you get yours on either Android or iOS from the official website of the game!

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, you return to Mordor to fight against Orc armies in real time. Just like major console RPGs and the hack ‘n slash games we all love, this mobile title also comes with various characters to unlock, upgrade and turn into ultimate Orc slayers. Each character will have their own skills and power-up attacks and we’ll also see a lot of familiar faces, including Celebrimbor, Eltariel, Gimli, Boromir, Gollum and more.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War mobile also introduces the award-winning Nemesis System to mobile devices for the first time, giving players the chance to build their own Orc army and create countless personal game experiences in the process.

As we can see in the trailer released below, the game will look absolutely amazing and the gameplay seems to be extremely solid as well. Just check it out to see for yourself:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War looks like a game you don’t want to miss on mobile when it launches – and it will do so sometime this fall. Make sure to pre-register and get ready for an amazing game. By the looks of it, this one will be EPIC!



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