Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Fly Far

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Mojo Jojo has sapped the Chemical X out of the Powerpuff Girls, and now they have lost their powers! Now, they have to rely on good old physics to save the day in Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania, a new physics-based launching game where you see how far you can get.

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Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania requires a lot of grinding because you need a lot of coins to get anywhere, so expect to be doing the same distance runs over and over again to build up lots of coins.

Then, when you are upgraded, you can see how far you can get! In our Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to fly far, we will go over all the different ways to upgrade and boost your flight time!

Build up speed to get as far as you can!

In order to stop Mojo Jojo, you will need to reach him first! The goal of Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania is to keep getting further and further until you rescue the entire team and reach the evil monkey himself.

When you launch yourself, bounce off of your opponent to get a boost. As you are travelling through the air, make good use of your Power Smashes to keep your momentum going. Land on the Mojo Minions to build up power and keep moving.

You can check how much speed you have at the bottom left corner of the screen. When this number reaches zero, your run is over and you have to start over from the beginning.

Use Power Smashes to keep your speed!

When you land on a Mojo Minion, you will lose a tiny bit of speed, but not as much as hitting the ground. If you ever touch the ground, you will lose 10 speed, which can put your run in danger.

This is where your Power Smashes come in! They make your girl slam straight into the ground while retaining their speed. If you see that you are about to hit the ground, use your Power Smash.

You can only perform a Power Smash if you have at least one charge in the meter on the left side of the screen. Fill the Power Smash gauge up by destroying Mojo Minions!

Upgrade the Powerpuff Girls to get farther!

The girls cannot get to Mojo Jojo without your help! After the end of every run, you will earn coins which you can spend on new upgrades for the girls. Here, we will go over all of the upgrades you can get.

  • Rubber Bands improves your starting speed when you launch at the beginning of a run.
  • Power Smash increases the maximum cap on your Power Smash gauge. Upgrade it to Power Smash more often!
  • Bounciness increases your general, well, bounciness! From bouncing on minions to hitting the ground, you will bounce a little more.
  • Speed Limit increases your top speed. This is a crucial upgrade as you need it to reach fast enough speeds to break through Mojo Jojo’s many iron walls.
  • Elbow Pads decreases the amount of speed you lose when you hit the ground.
  • Minion Masher decreases the amount of speed you lose when you hit a Mojo Minion.
  • Coin Collector increases your end-of-run coin multiplier. Upgrade this to earn a lot of coins early on!
  • Luck makes you more lucky – this means minions will spawn more frequently!
  • Strength increases the amount of damage you do to your opponents at the start of a run.
  • Herbicide decreases the amount of speed you lose when you get caught in a fly trap.
  • Wrecking Ball helps you break through the iron walls that surrounding Mojo Jojo’s fortresses.
  • Brick Breaker makes it easier to get through the inner brick walls of the fortresses.

The final three upgrades are hidden behind time travelling and the X shop, which are end game things. You do not have to worry about them for now.

Use Troublemakers to help you get to the goal!

The second category of upgrades are called Troublemakers. These minions will appear periodically throughout your run, and smashing into them can result in positively explosive – yet rewarding – results!

  • Princess Morbucks will be seen stomping minions in her powered throne. Colliding with her will result in you hijacking it! You can stomp a bunch of Mojo Minions with this thing, and if you tap the screen just as you are about to hit the ground, you will bounce higher.
  • Chipmunk Commando is packing two green cannons and a golden cannon. When you run into him, you will be put inside one of the green cannons. The other cannon will be in front of you. Wait until your cannon lines up for a shot, then tap to fire. If you can make it to the golden cannon, you can get a big boost!
  • Derbytantes hovers around in midair. If you can run into her, she will give you one Power Smash charge!
  • Bianca Bikini is riding her trusty scooter, and you can take it for yourself. Once you have boarded it, Bianca will retaliate by throwing deadly kisses at you! Dodge them, and eventually you can run into her and get one big last boost!
  • Bro Shark, the totally tubular shark surfer, can let you surf underground for a short period of time.

In addition to the troublemakers, there are also special minions. These guys appear much more frequently and they are an important factor in getting really far!

  • The yellow Fireworks Minion can be spotted holding a rocket. Smash into it to a get launched into the air with a nice speed boost!
  • The green Millionaire Minion can be seen running holding his yellow money bag. Smash into it to get a bunch of coins!
  • The blue Heart Minion can be seen holding a pink heart. Smash into it to trigger an explosion, granting you a speed boost and a small Power Smash refill!

Power up Allegro!

Allegro, the party-packed stuffed panda, can be smashed to bits every several hours. Allegro will contain a random amount of temporary power ups, coins, and more. Be sure to catch him when it is time to open him!

Every time you buy an upgrade in the shop, you will earn a red star. Earn enough red stars – as indicated in the little info panel with Allegro – and you will permanently upgrade Allegro, increasing the amount of goodies he has in him.

Make sure Duplikate is charged and ready to go!

You may have already noticed that the prices of certain upgrades can skyrocket, even as early as the second upgrade. You may be wondering how on earth will you be able to get that many coins…?

Well, Duplikate is the answer! As long as this magical glove is charged, he will add a passive multiplier to your coins at the end of a run. You can watch advertisements to boost the multiplier, and he will stay charged for 15 runs.

After those runs, he will need to be charged again, which will take about an hour or so. It is OK to play without Duplikate charged, but you will earn less coins.

And with that, you should be able to reach Mojo Jojo in no time! If you have any other tips to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide To Fly Far

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