Possessions. Guide: Complete Walkthrough for Chapters 1-3


Perspective matters in Possessions., a puzzle game where you need to twist your perspective on the room to complete the objects within. Every day objects are scattered about and you need to fix the items so that everything looks fine, and to do this you must rotate your camera so that the pieces line up.

In our Possessions. complete walkthrough, we will walk you through every single level of the game’s three chapters. Be sure to pay attention to the story snippets in between each level so that you understand the story! Let’s get started with our Possessions. complete walkthrough for chapters 1-3!

Chapter 1

1-1: The introductory level. Simply rotate to place the TV on the stand.

1-2: Place the yellow cushion on the couch.

1-3: Place the pink vase on the stool to the right of the TV.

1-4: Place the yellow cushion inbetween the other two, then place the lamp in the corner of the room.

1-5: The picture goes in the middle of the others, and the mini cactus goes on the window sill.

1-6: Put the dresser down next to the bed, then put the lamp on it.

1-7: The hanger goes back on the coat rack, then put the pink coat on it. The candle goes on the dresser to the right of the bed.

1-8: Place the shelf underneath the objects against the wall, then put the car in the middle. The “DO” poster goes to the left of the “IT” poster.

1-9: The pictures goes on the wiring on the wall, and the white chair goes in front of the desk.

1-10: The front panel goes on the open drawer at the top. Put the electric stove down on the open space towards the left side of the counter, then put the pot on it. Place the sink head above the sink.

1-11: Pink coat goes on the hanger on the door. The green towel goes on the towel bar next to the shower, and the shower head connects to the base of the shower. The light bulb connects to the base on the ceiling.

Chapter 2

2-1: Connect the two halves of the pictures, then place it on the wall. Put the top half of the bookshelf on the left one.

2-2: The blue table connects to the one in the center. The top half of the blue vase goes on the one on the right bookshelf. The underrail connects to the right side of the blue table. The blue ball goes on the right bookshelf.

2-3: Connect the leg back to the stool. Connect the back support to complete the chair, then put it next to the other chair. The purple elephant goes on the left bookshelf. The baby tray goes on the orange baby chair.

2-4: Complete the bike wheel by connecting the two paces, then connect the handle bars, then connect the bike seat to the back. The plants go in the pots on the window sills, and the ceiling lamp above the dining table has another piece to connect to.

2-5: Connect the two sink pieces together, then place it against the wall underneath the cabinet. Connect the mirror to the cabinet. Place the sink faucet above the sink. Connect the tub faucet to the piping. Connect the two parts of the baby toilet on the floor.

2-6: Connect the purple curtain piece to the main curtains, then put it against the window. Connect the two mirror pieces together, then place it on the frame. Place the AC unit against the other one on the wall.

2-7: Connect the two blue pillow pieces together, then put it on the bed. Place the book on the bookshelf, then put the bookshelf above the two on the left side of the bed. Connect the laptop screen to the keyboard on the bed.

2-8: Connect the two picture pieces, then put it next to the other pictures on the wall. Connect the green bear head pieces together, then connect it to the body. Put the green horse head on the rocking horse, then connect the rocking board to its side. Place the ribbons on the ceiling.

2-9: Connect the stove pieces together. Place the spoon on the utensil rack. Connect the microwave door to the microwave, then place it on the counter’s empty space.

2-10: The cabinet door goes on the exposed bottom cabinet. The white door handle goes on the fridge. The fan blades goes on the hinge near the top of the room, while the black fan goes against the white plate. The gray grill goes on the front of it. The gray casing goes on the fan at the top of the room. Finally, the spices goes on the top of the spice rack.

2-11: Connect the two crib pieces, then put it on front of the crib. Connect the two purple drawer panels onto the drawer. Place the green elephant head on the body, then connect the toy train tracks, then the train goes on.

2-12: The blue lamp connects to the base on the desk. Put the red animal on the spinner at the top, then connect it to the crib. Connect the two red net pieces together. Place the guitar head on top of the guitar base.

Chapter 3

3-1: Place the yellow door back in its frame. Put the B in front of the birthday, then connect the two green Y piece together, then finish the happy birthday sign. Place the cake base on the table, then put the top half of the cake on. Connect the birdcage to the pole.

3-2: Connect the dumbbell to the bench press. Connect the other half of the surfboard against the bird cage. Put the handle bars on the workout machine. Put the fish on the fountain by the pool. Connect the basketball board pieces together, then put the hoop on. Under the umbrella, put the pillow cushion on the lounge chair. Connect the pinata to the handle bars on the workout machine.

3-3: Connect the white vase pieces together, then put the other plant in it. Connect the front board of the bed together. Connect the chandelier to the chain. Connect the wind chimes to the bottom of the chandelier. Put the mirror on the wall above the small desk.

3-4: Lots going on here! Head on the mannequin in the corner. Put the lamp cover on the pole to the right of the bed, then put the lightbulb in. Blue head on the blue deer body, then put it on the shelf above the bed. The green bike in the corner has three parts: the handle bars, the seat, and the pedals. Place the hammock in the corner. Connect the body figure pieces together, then put in on the wall.

3-5: Connect the exit sign. Connect the half of the black lamp. Connect the half of the projector, then connect it to the ceiling pole. Put the orange poster under the other black lamp. Put the final black lamp over the “Taxman” poster.

3-6: The orange mannequin in the back of the room has multiple parts: his arm, his foot, and his head. Place the drink panel on the open cabinet at the back. Connect the bottom half of the swinging egg chair.

3-7: Piano keys back on the piano. The blue mermaid head goes on the statue on the table. The red car chassis goes on the body kit on the small dresser. The green mask half goes on the masks on the wall. The horn goes in the gramophone. The steps to the stairs goes in the missing spot.

3-8: Connect all parts of the model ship in the corner of the room. Put the blue table tennis piece, then finish the net in the middle. Put the arcade buttons back on the arcade machine. Place the window grill at the top of the window.

3-9: Put the cabinet door back on. Put the guitar lower half back on the wall. Connect the boom box on the floor. Connect the computer monitor, then connect it to the base.

3-10: Connect the lips and the love sign in the corner. Put the hammock in the middle, then connect the skateboard pieces. Put the green wheel on it, then you are able to connect the rest of the hammock. Put the scribbled out picture on the easel.

Congratulations, you have finished Possessions.!

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Possessions. Guide: Complete Walkthrough for Chapters 1-3


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