Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. You love them, we love them, we love poking them, we love watching them float around, and we love that satisfying sound they make when they pop. What if you could play with bubbles full of color? Tiny Bubbles aims to let players do just that in this popping puzzle adventure.

Tiny Bubbles is a physics-based puzzle game with – you guessed it – realistic bubble physics! Fill up bubbles with colors, and push them around trying to make matches of four or more. You’ll need to break edges, combine bubbles, and think outside of the bubble to pop like a pro.

Some bubbles even have little critters in them, each with their own unique behaviors. Got some chipper crabs hanging around? They’ll probably go for some smaller critters if their bubbles connected. Oh, you gotta watch out for the little guys outside your bubbles too – they’ll pop and mix bubbles on their own!

These tricky bubble puzzles are presented through a groundbreaking “molecular dynamics engine” which can simulate life-like bubble physics in real time. Even if you’re stuck on a puzzle, it’s simply a joy to just push and pop bubbles around.

Tiny Bubbles is a unique and engaging puzzler with its colorful presentation, fun and amazing physics, and its emphasis on immersion and stress-free game play. There are no timers or limited lives here – it’s just you and the bubbles, so take your time and enjoy yourself.

Pop some bubbles yourself today! Tiny Bubbles is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


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