How many locks can you pop? In Pop the Lock, you’ll be answer that question yourself! Pop the Lock is a simple yet challenging one-touch game recently released for iOS. The game is easy to learn – simply tap when the red bar reaches a circle in the lock. Every successful tap brings down the number in the center by one. Bring it down to zero and you win! Sounds easy, right? Well with each level the number grows by one and soon you’ll be dealing with locks of up to 100. Take a deep breath, grab your device, and get your reflexes ready! We’re going to help you pop all the locks with our Pop the Lock cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Concentrate!

This game is all about timing and reflexes. This is a reaction time test boiled down to its most primitive core. Needless to say, you need to concentrate! Keep your eyes on the circle lock at all times and focus.

2. Keep your finger out of the way!

When we first initially played Pop the Lock, we thought we had to tap in the middle of the screen. You can probably see why that’s a bad idea! Instead, the entire screen registers, so you can tap anywhere to stop the spinning circle. Tap wherever you like; just be sure to keep your finger out of the way so you can actually see where the lock is going to stop!

3. Be ready for anything!

Once you hit one lock, the circle will immediately go in reverse. The next lock coming up can either be really close or very far away – you’ll never know, so you need to be ready for anything! Get ready to tap quick if the lock is close, but be sure you don’t jump the gun when you end up getting a far lock.

4. Focus on the whole ring!

Our first couple runs had our eyes glued to the red bar on the ring. We would track it and tap accordingly whenever it hit a lock. Eventually, we found that it’s better to keep your eyes on the entire ring and not focus on the red bar. By doing this you’ll be able to theoretically see the locks coming faster, giving you more time to react. Of course, your mileage may vary on this but try it out!

5. Keep trying!

You might get thrown off because of an unlucky lock that came up super fast, but do not despair! The locks are never in fixed places so every time you restart a level you’ll get different placement patterns. Don’t give up!

6. Patience!

If you’re stuck on one particular level, take a break and step away from the game. Come back to it once you’ve gained your reflex back. Remember: timing and reaction time is important, but patience is equally important. If you get frustrated you’re going to be more prone to making mistakes, so relax once in a while!

How far have you poppers gotten? Let us know in the comments below. Also if you have any other tips or strategies tell us about them too!


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