Pon! A Virtual Pet RPG Demo Now Available On The App Store


The Pokémon series is one of those gaming series that would work extremely well in a mobile environment, thanks to its unique gameplay features. Sadly, as Nintendo has no intention of releasing any of its titles on mobile devices, iOS gamers have no choice to look for other similar games.

Pon! A Virtual Pet RPG is not Pokémon but comes pretty close to it thanks to its light role playing game elements. At the same time, the game comes with some unique pet features that have been lacking in the Nintendo series.

Pon! A Virtual Pet RPG will allow you to take care of your own virtual pet. You will have to make sure not only that it’s always fine but also geared and ready for battle. Your virtual pet will be venturing into the outside world to battle and earn some gold which is neededto buy new items for your home and your pet as well.

Combat is an interesting take on the turn based systems, allowing gamers to use a bar to attack and another system for defense. It’s not too original, but it does nicely what it sets out to do.

If you’re curious about Pon! A Virtual Pet RPG, you can now download a free demo of the game on the App Store and try out for yourself this interesting gameplay experience.



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Pon! A Virtual Pet RPG Demo Now Available On The App Store


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