Polynesia Adventure Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build a Perfect World

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Polynesia Adventure tips and cheats to help you create a truly amazing world – from building the ideal farms to harvesting all kinds of crops!

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There are quite a lot of things that you can do in the game, so if you are looking for the way to expand and improve, then let me tell you everything that you need to know in order to do that!

First things first, we are going to cover the very basics of the game, because a good understanding of what you have to do will have to start from the very beginning, with the most basic things!

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the Polynesia Adventure tips and tricks right here below to help you advance further!

Understand the basics of the game

The very basics of the game should be where you will be getting started. By understanding these, you will know how to approach the game in every situation and know how to manage your resources.

Basically here are the most important things that you should really try to keep in mind:

– Everything that you will do in game (every action) will require Energy.

– Energy refills over time, 1 Energy point will refill in 90 seconds.

– You need to constantly collect all kinds of resources (twigs, wood, stone and so on) in order to keep on building and improving your structures.

– You should constantly collect the natural products that you are farming (eggs, milk and so on) so that the animals can keep producing more and more.

– Always have something on your farms, because you will need the crops for a ton of stuff, so it’s good to not keep the farms idle.

– You have a limited number of workers, and that number can increase the more you advance in the game.

– The more you level up (player level), the more features you will unlock, so keep that in mind.

These might seem like some pretty basic stuff, but keep in mind that you might neglect something like constantly planting Corn or Wheat or whatnot and if you are trying to complete various little tasks (as we will mention for the Order Board below) you will greatly benefit from having them beforehand.

The Order Board is your best friend

From the very beginning, you will see that there is an Order Board which will give you various tasks that will reward you with EXP and Coins. I suggest that you keep in mind what we mentioned earlier, and that is constantly keeping up your resource production.

These tasks that you will see on the Order Board are not difficult to complete, and they are going to give you quite a lot of rewards. The more you will complete, the faster you will level up and gather Coins.

I suggest that you always keep a constant production of Eggs, Milk and crops (among everything else pretty much) because that will help you complete more tasks, faster. Always try to do as many tasks as you can, and focus especially on the tasks which give you extra rewards (such as the ones which give you the tool box).

Follow the game’s objectives

The main objectives of the game will be listed in the tasks menu, which icon can be found above the Shop icon. There (the icon looks like a notepad) you can find the “quests” listed a little differently than usual. Each worker (or rather, each tribe member) will come up with their own tasks, and when you tap on each of them you can see what they require.

I suggest that you follow them in the order that the game is giving them to you, because that way you will have them all completed sooner, and if a later “quest” asks you for something that would otherwise be completed earlier on, and you don’t have it, you will avoid this situation.

So therefore it’s way better to follow them in the order that they come in, rather than completing them randomly. Once you start doing these tasks, you will see that the game’s overall speed will increase (or give you the impression that it is advancing faster at least).

Tend to your crops

If you want to never run out of tasks to complete and always get every little EXP possible, then I really suggest that you tend to your crops often. For as long as you have the game open, do not let the garden beds idle, because it’s plainly a waste of money. Or rather, you miss the opportunity of making money!

The garden beds will let you plant various crops, from corn to wheat, potatoes and so on, and you will need these to make both animal feed, and to deliver them for the order board objectives.

I suggest that you never let the garden unattended, because you will see that the more you work and harvest, the faster you will level up!

Learn about your environment

No, I don’t mean in reality, even though it is important that you know about that too. Here, what I mean is that you should learn what you can get from the various environment elements that you find, because that way you will not waste your Energy trying to get something from the wrong resource (for example trying to get Clay from a Rock).

If you want to learn what each of the elements give, all you have to do is tap and hold on the items and they will show you how much Energy you need to gather resources from there, but also show you the resource you get.

Whenever you level up, upgrade!

Even if this doesn’t apply quite literally, what I mean by this is that whenever you level up, you will receive new maximum build capacity, so for example if at level 7 you could have maximum 9 farm plots, once you reach level 8, you will be able to have 10 – and if until now you could have 2 chickens, you will be able to buy one more!

Always pay attention to all of these small upgrades,because you will see that they’ll make quite a big difference. By always building the latest stuff and “upgrading” the already existing ones, you will progress much faster.

Produce Energy in the Furnace

Very early on in the game you will be asked to build a Furnace. If you haven’t really paid close attention to this small detail, that’s because it didn’t seem probably that important back then!

Well once you advance a little further into the game, you will use up more and more Energy to harvest bigger bushes, and chop down bigger and bigger trees. Even if your Energy bar increases when you level up, you should always try to produce more Energy whenever possible, because it will stack!

I suggest that whenever you see some new bushes or so, always try to pick them so that you can use them later on to craft Energy! Simply head on to the Furnace and see what the ingredients that you can use are, and always collect them!

Keep an eye out for the suspicious crates!

These crates will appear as wooden boxes or crates, and honestly speaking, they can be about anywhere on your map. More often than not they will be “hidden” in plain sight, or right behind some bushes, trees and rocks.

Whenever you see them, make sure you tap on them to collect them, because you can receive anything pretty much!

Visit the Trader!

No matter where you are headed, if you see an old guy with a white beard, tap on him and check out his wares. He is the Trader, and every single day he will have a Special Offer for you, which is definitely worth it!

Make sure you take a look at what he has to sell, because if you need some more “special” materials, you might just find them at his little shop.

Pay attention however! There are different traders, so if you check out one of them looking for something specific that you might not find, make sure you take a look at the others too – they have different stuff listed there!

Make the town your own!

In order to personalize your town, you will see that it is divided with fences in various locations. One thing that you might find useful, is that you can move all of the buildings however you want!

All you have to do is tap and hold, then move the buildings to where you want them to be. I suggest that you go all out and let your imagination free, so that you can make the city more enjoyable for you to play, but also for your character!

See things from a different perspective

On the right side of the screen you will see a small grayed out button with an eye icon on it. Remember what I mentioned earlier that you should always collect all the boxes that you see? All of these random spawning crates? Well, they are indeed random in the way that they can spawn even behind buildings and trees where you will not see them otherwise.

Use this icon to see behind the buildings and thus make it easier to collect the random crates.

Unlock new areas

You will be able to unlock new areas by harvesting, chopping down the trees, bushes and breaking the rocks that are in the way. Basically all of the areas which have a cloud (or fog if you may) hovering over it, it can be unlocked.

All you really have to do is clear the bushes, trees and rocks that is in the way, and you will soon unlock it. For some areas there is a level or task completion requirement, but for others there is not, so try to prioritize completing the tasks first, because along with them you will also unlock some new areas.

Always produce extra!

Whenever you are crafting your products (Water, Clay and so on) you will see that you can craft more items (there is an extra slot there). I suggest that you always collect multiple materials and use them to craft extra items.

These will come in handy when you want to build new facilities, and it will help by saving quite a bit of time. You should think about this as an extension to the “do not let your crops go idle” – in the sense that you should not let your production “factories” rest either.

Always make some extra – of everything! No matter what you are creating, it will always come in handy sooner or later no matter what.

Use the explosive barrels to take down huge rocks

Maybe you noticed that taking down huge mountains of stone will eat up quite a bit of Energy. Well, in order to save that, I suggest that you use the explosive barrels to remove them, because they will not take any Energy!

Do this if you are in really dire need of stone, otherwise just go for the smaller rocks which won’t take up so much Energy while mining.

Explore new areas

If you tap on the World Map in the bottom right corner of the screen, you will notice a that there are multiple areas that you can explore. You will unlock these as you will progress through the missions, so try to make that a main objective while still sustaining your productivity there.

As you will unlock the new lands, you will unlock along with them the terrain features and facilities that go along with them, so try to do your best and finish the missions quickly, so that you can sooner unlock the new destinations.

These would be all of our Polynesia Adventure tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful and cool tips for the game? Share them with us and the rest of the players down in the comments section below!

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Polynesia Adventure Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build a Perfect World

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