The “Pokémon Presents” presentation on August 18 unveiled a lot of exciting new information for upcoming Pokémon games, with Pokémon Legends: Arceus being the main focus. The Pokémon Company didn’t forget about the other games though, and they revealed some exciting news for the mobile Pokémon MOBA, Pokémon Unite!

Pokémon Unite got the spotlight at the very beginning of the presentation, detailing a couple technical things. They first reminded us of the special bonuses for playing the game on launch, but they also gave the mobile version an official release date: September 22! You can pre-register now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

At the trail end of the Pokémon Unite segment, they revealed two new playable Pokémon: Mamoswine and Sylveon! Mamoswine came as a surprise, but Sylveon was one of the Pokémon included in the data mine leak last month, so its announcement was inevitable.

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They didn’t reveal any specific details about the two — we only got a couple seconds of them in action. Mamoswine seems to be either a melee attacker or defender, or maybe even an all-rounder. It has a move where it slams into the ground and throws any nearby enemies.

On the other hand, we know a little about Sylveon already, thanks to the leak. We’re also unsure of Sylveon’s class, but we think it’s going to be either a ranged attacker or supporter. Sylveon has a lot of fairy moves at its disposal, like Draining Kiss and Fairy Wind, so we’ll see when they are released.

That’s about all the info we got on them, sadly. They did not mention a release date of any kind, so who knows when they’ll be available to try out. We can only assume that they are the next planned Pokémon, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

Pokémon Unite is available now on the Nintendo Switch. The game will launch on September 22, 2021, for mobile devices.

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