Pokemon Unite Holowear Tickets – How To Obtain and Use Them


Pokémon Unite has plenty of customization options for trainers to express themselves, but did you know that the Pokémon get in on the fun too? Most of the Pokémon have their own special and fun skins called Holowears, and you can get some of them using a special currency called Holowear Tickets. Here is our guide on Pokémon Unite’s Holowear Tickets and how to obtain and use them!

How to Obtain Holowear Tickets

Holowear Tickets are by far one of the hardest currencies to get in the game right now, as they are locked behind random chance occurrences. The first way to get Holowear Tickets to hope you pull them from the Energy Rewards gacha. Like the Fashion Tickets, you have a 3% chance to pull 10 Holowear Tickets.

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The second way to get Holowear Tickets is through the Battle Pass Prize Boxes. Once you’ve fully leveled up your Battle Pass all the way to level 90, you will continue to earn Battle Pass points upon completing missions. When you’ve earned 130 points, you’ll earn a prize box that has a 20% chance of having 10 Holowear Tickets inside.

How to Use Holowear Tickets

Holowear Tickets can only be spent in one place: the Aeos Emporium. The very last section is the Holowear Ticket Exchange, where you can spend your Holowear Tickets for specific Holowear skins for your Pokémon.

Keep in mind that certain special skins can be acquired through the Energy Rewards gacha boxes. We’re expecting the selection to change as time goes on, but right now it is possible to get the Talonflame: Pilot Holowear skin, albeit the chance is extremely low! In the event you receive a skin you already have, you get a lot of Holowear Tickets instead.

That’s all you need to know about Holowear Tickets. If you have any other tips or tricks to share about the tickets, let us know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Unite Holowear Tickets – How To Obtain and Use Them


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