Without a shadow of a doubt, we know that you are as excited about the new Pokémon forms as we are.

Pokémon Sword & Shield released some new Pokémon with multiple forms. There are two types of characters: interchangeable, and not interchangeable. Calyrex has two interchangeable states. We have decided to put all the information together in one guide to highlight how to change Calyrex forms. Ready? Let’s start!

​How to change Calyrex Forms in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Calyrex stands out by its transformative ability, and it gets its new form through the course of game events. The transformation occurs due to the Calyrex and another Pokémon fusion.

To change Calyrex forms, you will need to refer to the Reins of Unity item. With its help and the process of fusing, you will be able to achieve the change. The vital requirement for changing the forms is that a player must have Calyrex and the relevant Pokémon. An essential criterion for the fusing process is the availability of a spare slot in your team.

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Some players wonder which of the Calyrex forms is most beneficial. We will guide you in this process too. There are two existing forms of Calyrex, called Spectrier and Glastrier. To our mind, Spectrier form is beneficial due to its Special Attack and Speed stats.

We hope this guide was helpful!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Change Calyrex Forms


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