Explore a brand new Pokémon world with a brand new cube look! Pokémon Quest is a new action RPG built by the Pokémon team for mobile devices. Explore Tumblecube Island, a peculiar place where all the Pokémon are made out of cubes! Our Pokémon Quest cheats and tips will show you how to battle like a pro, grow your team, and complete your expedition!

Pokémon Quest is a fun and new way to enjoy the world of Pokémon, so we hope you are liking it as much as we are. But enough talk, let’s get to the Pokémon with our Pokémon Quest cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Battle tips!

We know that auto-battle is extremely convenient and you will want to leave it on often, but we recommend taking the time to play through the levels manually. First off, timing your Pokémon’s moves is actually very important and you can wipe out enemy groups faster with properly timed attacks.

Secondly, the Scatter button is only available in manual mode. Scatter makes all three of your Pokémon run away in separate directions. This maneuver is almost required when you are going up against the tougher Pokémon bosses, as you can use it to dodge big attacks that will severely wound your Pokémon!

On top of being able to evade big damage, you can use Scatter to stall for time while your injured Pokémon recover. When one of your Pokémon goes down, they will retreat back to their pokeballs to recover over a period of time. If you are down to your last Pokémon, constantly make the Scatter to buy time until the rest of your team is back up.

Cook specific dishes for specific Pokémon!

You can try your luck and throw in a hodgepodge of ingredients into the cooking pot and see what you end up with – you might discover a new recipe! Certain dishes will attract certain kinds of Pokémon; for example the “Hot Pot a la Cube” dish attracts fire-type Pokémon.

Pay attention to an ingredient’s description for hints on how to combine them. Referring back to the Hot Pot a la Cube again, its description reads “a lot of mushrooms and a little red”. Those adjectives are actually representative of how many you need, so do not ignore them! In this instance, we would use three Tiny Mushrooms and two of any ingredient that is red. Here’s a key for reference.

“A whole lot” = 4 slots
“A lot” = 3 slots
“A few” = 2 slots
“A little” = 1 slot

So, if you are looking for specific type Pokémon, try experimenting with the ingredients. The Bluk Berry and Icy Rock probably have a chance of attracting water-type Pokémon, for example.

Try out different formations!

Pokémon have two different attack types: close and long-range. Depending on your composition, your team formation will change accordingly.

As an example having one long-range and two close-range Pokémon will make them move in a triangle formation, with the two close-range Pokémon leading the charge while the long-range Pokémon attacks from a safety.

This kind of setup is usually preferred if you have a high defense Pokémon. In fact, we highly recommend finding a Pokémon with naturally high HP (Caterpie is a good starting Pokémon for this) and have them tank for your team.

These Pokémon also tend to have more blue Power Charm slots, which means even more HP! If you get an exceptionally sturdy Pokémon, you can even have two long-range attacks and your tank.

Collect PM Tickets!

You can get free PM Tickets every day by simply going into the shop and collecting them. In addition to that, you can also complete the challenges for small rewards of PM Tickets. PM Tickets are the premium currency of the game, and you will need to them for some of the more helpful stuff like expanding your Pokémon cap or Power Charm cap. Save up for the expansions!

Bring the right type for the area!

Certain areas of Tumblecube Island will power up specific types of Pokémon. If any Pokémon on your team match the typing bonus, they will gain a stat boost and effectively deal more damage to all the Pokémon in the level.

In that sense, typing advantage works a little differently in this game than it does in the regular Pokémon games. You do not have to worry about bringing a fire-type Pokémon into an area with water-type Pokémon, for instance. Pokémon will only gain the stat boost if they match the bonus type.

That’s all for Pokémon Quest! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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