Champion Spirit will help you later to reach the increase of the power for your Pokemon.

Reaching success at holding Champion Spirit is quite challenging. Still, you will need to use it, and it also is not a simple task. You will get the optimum use of this item only once your Pokemon is powerful enough.

In this article, we have covered the ways to get and use the Champion’s Spirit item. Stay tuned to succeed in the Pokemon Masters EX.

​How to Get the Champion’s Spirit Item in Pokemon Masters EX

You need to take several steps to obtain Champion’s Spirit Item in Pokemon Masters EX. For the first, please take part in the fight that takes place at the Champion Stadium. For your Pokemon to reach up to 6*EX, you have to strive to get a lot of items. Champion Spirit will be of great help to reach the maximum power level. To get more of it, conquer the Champion Stadium a couple of times: start with the average difficulty level and then move to the hard one. Remember that you should complete each level per week; the system will not allow you to achieve both during one week.

How to Use the Champion’s Spirit Item in Pokemon Masters EX

So, start passing multiple star tickets to your Pokemon to get its potential to 20/20, then assign Champion Spirit to them utilizing the Potential menu.

To achieve 6*EX, you will need to spend 50 Champion Spirit. It is possible to reach this level only for starters and Rosa.

Is your level high enough to utilize Champion Spirit and later it to 6*EX? Then you may be sure that you have reached the excellent skills in Pokémon Masters EX!

Enjoy playing!

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