Pokemon Masters EX: Cobalion Legendary Arena Guide


The most recent challenge in Pokemon Masters EX’s Legendary Arena features Cobalion, a fighting/steel type legendary Pokemon introduced in the franchise’s fifth generation. Defeating it under certain conditions rewards players with a number of prizes, from gems, to co-op sync orbs, to medals.

This guide will primarily deal with Cobalion’s Challenge: Part 3, the most difficult challenge, but things like unit recommendations will generally apply to all versions of the fight.

Like all Legendary Arena fights, Cobalion will have 3 life bars, one for each phase of the fight. Depleting a life bar will reset any buffs or debuffs on Cobalion and cure it of any status conditions afflicting it.

One particular quirk of Cobalion is that it takes reduced damage when not affected by a status condition, but will steadily gain resistance to any conditions that you inflict on it. As such, it’s recommended to vary the status conditions that you use or to simply defeat it before it can leverage this too much.

Cobalion is weak to fire, so units like Leon, Sygna Suit Red and Anniversary N will do considerable damage to it. If you don’t have any of those units, don’t worry; any fire units at all will receive a hefty increase to their damage. Naturally, it’s possible to defeat it with off-type damage, too, though you will want particularly strong characters for this approach.

Beyond a powerful fire striker, you’ll also want at least one support unit capable of taking hits and ideally at least one unit that can inflict status to decrease Cobalion’s resistance to damage. Sygna Suit Blue, Sygna Suit Green and Sygna Suit Red are one combination that works well, though there are a number of combinations of units that can do the trick.

While that’s a fairly foolproof strategy to simply defeating Cobalion, it’s worth noting that the event has 3 bonus missions that reward you with 300 gems each and an extra 100 gems for completing all of them. These are as follows:

  • Use 3 or more sync pairs from Unova while using nine or less total sync pairs to defeat Cobalion
  • Use 3 or more fire type sync pairs while using nine or less total sync pairs to defeat Cobalion
  • Use 3 or more gym leader sync pairs while using nine or less total sync pairs to defeat Cobalion

These can all be finished within a single clear of the boss, but if that’s too difficult, you can also do them one at a time. Anniversary N is particularly good for these missions as he uses a fire type Pokemon and is from Unova. Skyla is also pretty effective here, since she’s a Unovan gym leader.

That should be all you need to know to beat Cobalion in Pokemon Masters EX’s Legendary Arena!

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Pokemon Masters EX: Cobalion Legendary Arena Guide


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