Good news, Pokemon Trainers! Now you too can raise your very own… wait, a Magikarp? But aren’t these guys laughed at everywhere? Well that’s why we don’t battle with them around here – we make them jump! Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is a new mobile spin-off game to the wonderful world of Pokemon.

Instead of going on an epic quest to catch all the pokemon in existence, you’ll be raising Magikarp to be a part of the new sensation Magikarp Jump! How high can your Magikarp jump? We’ll help you train up the ultimate Magikarp with our Pokémon: Magikarp Jump cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Ready to start your journey to becoming the ultimate Magikarp Jump trainer? Let’s get started with our Pokémon: Magikarp Jump tips and tricks guide!

1. Keep Raising Magikarp!

Don’t worry if you max out your current Magikarp only for it lose its last league match – it happens! The best thing to take away from a final loss is that your motivation bonus will increase by 10% every time you move up a generation. This means that your future Magikarp will grow that much faster, which makes your job easier in the long run!

Do note that if your Magikarp has an early retirement due to the events where your poor Magikarp gets taken away, you will not receive the motivation bonus.

2. Watch out for the training events!

Sometimes after a long training session, fixed events will occur.

  • If you see the message box saying that it’s a nice day out and you want to take the long way home, you’ll get the one of two events:
    • “Out of Nowhere…” You’ll come across a big berry tree and two prompts will ask you if you really want your Magikarp to jump up to reach the berries. If you go through with it and succeed, your Magikarp will get a big & juicy berry, giving it a huge JP boost! However… if you’re unlucky… your poor Magikarp will be swept away by a Pidgeotto!
    • “Is It Treasure?” A mysterious poke ball will be lying in front of you. There is a chance that upon further examination it’ll turn out to be a Voltorb which will promptly use Self-Destruct! Your Magikarp is done for! We’re assuming it can also sometimes be actual treasure, but all the times we’ve examined it we got blown up!
  • If the message box mentions about how it’d be a waste to lose all your built up energy from the training event and that you should swim home, you’ll get the event “All That Glitters”. Your Magikarp will come across something shiny during its swim. Choosing to examine it further will result in either you finding a small amount of diamonds (around 7) or a glass orb. If you find the glass orb, your Magikarp will lose some JP. We can’t confirm this 100%, but out of the five or so times we’ve triggered this event we haven’t found any other outcome. Therefore, we think it’s worth it to always examine the shiny object. Diamonds are worth risking some JP!

3. Check out the TV for a crucial event!

There’s a TV at the top left corner of your pond, and watching it will take you to the Pokemon Official Youtube channel, with a link straight to the “I Love Magikarp” song. This is a funny video and we recommend watching, but the TV also hides a secret! Tap on the TV, then hit cancel.

Repeat this process until you start to see static in the TV. Repeat the cancelling process again until the static disappears. Then, start training with your Magikarp.

Afterwards you should trigger the “Be Gone!” event in which you and your Magikarp are haunted by a ghost girl. When given the option, be sure to leave the scene. This will increase your Magikarp’s maximum level by one! However, you are only able to do this once, so you may want to save this for a future Magikarp.

4. Max out the two berries!

Thanks to some community research (thanks to the MagikarpJump subreddit!), we’ve discovered that it’s much more efficient to upgrade your two beginning berries instead of unlocking new ones. Every time you upgrade a berry, it increases the amount of JP your Magikarp gets. There’s a big jump once you level the two starting berries to level 25, as they will begin to offer a ton more JP for each berry!

5. Try to keep your rank low!

This is ultimately up to you, but you may want to try to keep your rank low. This sounds backwards, but the higher your rank is the harder it becomes to naturally retire your Magikarp. We recommend not attempting any League matches unless your Magikarp is maxed out, at which point it can retire on its next loss.

If you tackle League matches without a maxed out Magikarp, you’ll be able to continue on a loss and you’ll still be earning experience points, possibly making you rank up. However, it is also worth noting that the League-related random events cannot occur if your Magikarp is attempting League matches at maximum level.

That’s all for Pokémon: Magikarp Jump! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



  1. If you tap a lot (really a lot) of times a magikarp in level 19 meanwhile it’s in the pond, you’ll broke his Everstone, and it will evolve to a Gyarados when it level up to level 20.
    This will force it to retire, and you’ll earn a new event

  2. When I did the static on the TV trick, I trained 3 times, and got tag battle!? Is that wrong? Should I try again? I mean it was alright… because it was new, but I wanted the “Be Gone” event.

    • Hi Shannon,

      Did you make sure to repeat the process to make the static go away -then- trained? It seems that if you train while the static is still on the TV, you’ll get other events.


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