Today’s world lists multiple role-playing games, and most of them are pretty popular in some way. Still, the Pokémon Legends game stands out among similar games. It is not a secret how popular this role-playing game is although it is not released yet. And today, the whole army of fans is so excited about Hisuian Growlithe, a new evolutionary form that looks like a fire and rock-type puppy.

It is not hard to guess that this Growlithe comes from the Hisui region. This fluffy pup burst the Internet. Guess why? You are right! Just because it is an adorable ball of love and fluff. It looks like the Company The Pokémon were sure that all the fans would right away fall in love with Growlithe’s new beard and bands. The reason for that is that it’s already come with a pre-order gift for all those who buy Pokémon Legends: Arceus early: a Hisuian Growlithe-themed outfit.

​Date Of Release

So, you will have an outstanding possibility to match with your new friend! All those players who pre-order the game should get the outfit approximately by Mat 9, 2022. Still, they won’t be able to wear it right away. The system will unlock this Mystery Gift feature only after you play it for two hours. This information was indicated in the official news release by The Pokémon Company. As the Company understands the enormous interest of the fans in the new outfit, they have opened the pre-orders for players. 

So, do not miss the opportunity to become closer to this beautiful fur ball!

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