Monster Legacy

Anew trailer is now available for Monster Legacy, a Pokèmon inspired role playing game that’s now finally available on the App Store. If you have wanted to experience the Pokèmon gameplay experience on the go, but don’t have any intention of purchasing a Nintendo console, this is the right game to check out

Monster Legacy’s premise is actually quite similar to the Pokémon series, as you will be controlling a young boy, battle monsters, capture them, make them evolve and so on. Rather than being just similar, it’s almost the same thing. In Monster Legacy you will not be traveling the world to get medals and become the best Pokèmon trainer but Instead, you will be saving the world of Arborea from the evil Lord Ardur.

The game includes over 60 varied quests that will help you in making your monster team even more powerful. Considering the challenges you will have to face in the game, you’ll probably never be powerful enough.

Monster Legacy is now available for download on the App Store. The game has been launched as a free to play title, so expect to encounter IAPs here and there. Let’s hope they won’t end up outnumbering the actual monsters.

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