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Pokemon Go Virizion Raid Guide

Pokemon Go Virizion Raid Guide
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Pokemon GO has many different activities for players such as regular trainer battles, catching Pokémon, leveling up, etc. However, there are also time-limited events. And this guide will tell you all about Virizion Raid.

Virizion Raid Guide

During The Swords of Justice event, from November 5 to 16, 2021, you will be able to participate in the raid on Terrakion, Cobalion, and Virizion.

All of them are included in the Swords of Justice set and personify the three Musketeers:

  • Cobalion – Athos
  • Terrakion – Porthos
  • Virizion – Aramis
  • And Keldeo as d’Artagnan.

Virizion is the weakest of them all, due to the lack of STAB moves and low attack stats.

Virizion Pokémon is Grass and Fighting-type, which means that the best type against it is Flying, which will deal 4x damage. But Ice, Fire, Psychic, Poison and Fairy types are also suitable.

For a start, the Mega Pidgeot will be the most suitable, since it is quite common and has a Normal and Flying type. This will help reduce the damage from the Grass type of attacks. Use Gust and Brave Bird to defeat Virizion.

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Moltres are harder to get but will be even more useful in this fight, as they are Fire and Flying Pokémon. His Wing Attack and Sky Attack come in very handy.

Rayquaza has been in events quite often, so many have him, but for this raid, he must know Hurricane and Air Slash. It will be useful as it receives 25% of the grass damage.

And the main question is how many people should go to the raid. If you and your friend are high-level trainers, then you have nothing to fear, two is enough. However, if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to assemble a team of 4 trainers.

Also, look at the weather. In cloudy weather, Virizion’s Stone Edge’s attack, as well as normal and fast, will be strengthened. We recommend choosing Windy Weather, as Psychic and Flying-type are strengthened, but Zen Headbutt will also be strengthened.

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Pokemon Go Virizion Raid Guide


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