Pokemon Go Shellos Guide: Shiny Shellos Availability, Best Moves, and More


Shellos, the colorful sea slug Pokémon, is available to catch in Pokémon Go. Shellos is a pure water type Pokémon, but its evolved form is dual-type ground and water. Shellos will be involved in the upcoming Ultra Unlock event, so if you’re looking to be prepared, read up on our Pokémon Go Shellos guide on shiny availability, best moves, and more!

Where to Find Shellos

The interesting thing about Shellos is that it has two forms: West and East Sea forms. The West Sea form can only be found in the western hemisphere, while the East Sea form is in the eastern hemisphere. The West Sea form is pink, while the East Sea form is blue.

The Ultra Unlock event is making them easier to find, though! East Sea Shellos will be a part of the Pokémon Spotlight Hour on August 10, while the West Sea Shellos will be in the spotlight on August 17. During the spotlight hours, the indicated Pokémon will be a lot easier to find in the wild.

During Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space, which runs from August 6 to August 17, both forms of Shellos can be found in 7 km eggs. If you’re on the opposite hemisphere, it’s time to start hatching eggs!

Finally, if you prefer to conquer your Pokémon rather than catch them, both forms of Shellos will appear as 1-star raids until August 20.

How to Get Shiny Shellos

Unfortunately, despite being in the spotlight for Ultra Unlock, Shellos’ shiny form has not been added to Pokémon Go yet. We can only guess that this is due to the hemisphere-specific forms and COVID-19 travel restrictions, as releasing a shiny Pokémon like this during these times would probably cause a lot of problems within the playerbase.

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Shellos’ Best Moves

Shellos can learn the following moves:

  • Fast Attacks
    • Hidden Power (Normal, 15)
    • Mud-Slap (Ground, 18)
  • Charged Attacks
    • Body Slam (Normal, 50)
    • Mud Bomb (Ground, 55)
    • Water Pulse (Water, 70)

Shellos can learn a variety of moves. Though its normal moves are the weakest of the bunch, only a few things resist normal attacks. Our favorite build for Shellos is Mud-Slap and Water Pulse, giving it some much-needed type coverage.

That’s all you need to know about Shellos. Have any other tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Go Shellos Guide: Shiny Shellos Availability, Best Moves, and More


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