When it comes to playing Pokemon Go, all is pretty much self-explanatory and easy to understand after the first few minutes up to a couple of hours of playing. But what many people don’t know and don’t have the time or resources to try out in order to find the best route is if you should Power Up first or Evolve in Pokemon Go in order to get the most for their Pokemon. I am here to share with you everything on this matter and tell you when should you Power-up your Pokemon and when to Evolve it in order to get the most out of it.

So if you’re asking the right question about Pokemon Go: Powerup or Evolve – which to do first, here is the answer:

It does not matter!

The whole picture is, however, not as simple, but for most people, it’s worth knowing that there is no final difference if you Evolve your Pokemon first, then Power-up, or you Power up your Pokemon first and then evolve them. In terms of CP, when you eventually reach the final level with the evolved Pokemon, the number will be the same no matter which action you did first.

However, Evolving has a huge unknown attached to it: when you evolve your Pokemon, their skills are reset and random ones are given. This means that your Pokemon could get a crappy skill and become less useful. This further means that if you Powered it up first, you basically wasted all that useful Stardust to Power up.

So my suggestion would be, if you want to make sure that you remain competitive and only with good Pokemon that perform great in gym battles, to evolve your Pokemon first and then, if the skills that they get are skills that you enjoy, Power them up. This goes, of course, on a Pokemon-to-Pokemon basis.

Don’t forget that, in the end, the level of your trainer matters as well so a Pokemon you find when you are level 5, once evolved, will have a lower maximum CP value than finding and evolving the same maxed Pokemon at level 15.

Well, it certainly isn’t easy to be a Pokemon trainer and evolve or power them up, but at least know you know how things work and everything is easier.


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