Pokemon Go Postcard Book Guide: What Does the Postcard Book Do?

Pokemon Go Postcard Book Guide: What Does the Postcard Book Do?

Pokemon Go is an addicting AR game. Playing it, you can feel like a real Pokemon trainer who explores the world and fights with other trainers. There are many different features in the game, and today we will talk about Postcard Book and what it is for.

What Does the Postcard Book Do?

During the Holidays event, the Postcard Book feature was added to the game. With it, you can keep fond memories of the places where you or your friends have been.

When a gift is sent to you, a postcard with the place from which the gift was sent is attached to it. Now by opening your Trainer Profile or Item Bag you can find your Postcard Book.

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Inside you can pin postcards to any postcards you have. For example, in the Trainer’s Profile in the Gifts section, you can find a postcard and click on the pin icon. You can do the same with gifts that are in your Item Bag.

After opening Postcard Book, you will see all pinned postcards. In total, you can pin up to 300 postcards. In addition, all cards can be sorted by two criteria. The first is by the date when they were gifted to you and the second by the person who gave you the cards.

If suddenly you do not like a postcard, you can select it in the Postcard Book and click the delete button. So give more gifts and ask your friends to send them too, so you can save the postcards from PokéStop that your friends have visited.

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Pokemon Go Postcard Book Guide: What Does the Postcard Book Do?


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