Pokemon Go Murkrow Spotlight Hour: Shiny Availability, Double XP, And More


Another week, another Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go! This month, the mischievous and spooky Pokémon are coming out to play just in time for Halloween! We’re finishing off the month of October with Murkrow as the last Spotlight Hour Pokémon. Here’s everything you need to know about Murkrow in our Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour Murkgrow guide on shiny availability, double XP, and more!

Pokémon Go’s Murkrow Spotlight Hour

On October 26, 2021, Pokémon Go will hold another Spotlight Hour featuring the dark crow Murkrow! As always, this Spotlight Hour will last exactly an hour from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time, so make sure to join the fun if you’re looking to catch a Murkrow or its shiny variant!

For Murkrow’s Spotlight Hour, you’ll be able to encounter lots of Murkrow by simply wandering around your local area. You’ll also have an increased chance to run into a shiny Murkrow, if you’re currently hunting for one.

For Trainers looking to level up, you’ll earn double experience points for evolving any Murkrows during the Spotlight Hour. If you happen to have any Murkrows you’ve caught beforehand, you can hold onto them and mass evolve them during the Spotlight Hour for easy experience points. You can also catch a bunch of them during the event, but make sure to evolve them within the hour, as you’ll lose the experience bonus for any evolutions past the Spotlight Hour.

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Murkrow’s Battle Stats

On top of the Spotlight Hour, Murkrow will also naturally have a higher chance of spawning in the wild thanks to the Halloween event, running throughout all of October. You’ll also be able to challenge shiny Murkrows in One-Star Raids if you’re not having any luck finding them in the wild.

Murkrow is a dual-type Dark and Flying Pokémon, so you’ll need to challenge it with Electric, Fairy, Ice, or Rock moves. When you catch a Murkow, it can potentially have the following moves:

  • Fast Attacks
    • Feint Attack (Dark, 10 power)
    • Peck (Flying, 10 power)
  • Charged Attacks
    • Dark Pulse (Dark, 80 power)
    • Drill Peck (Flying, 65 power)
    • Foul Play (Dark, 70 power)

That’s all you need to know about Murkrow’s upcoming Spotlight Hour. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Go Murkrow Spotlight Hour: Shiny Availability, Double XP, And More


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