Pokemon Go: Little Jungle Cup Meta Guide

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The Season 9 event is currently held in Pokemon Go. There you can play different leagues. The Little Jungle Cup starts on September 27 and ends on October 11. It is a great competition with some specific demands.

Your Pokemon can’t exceed 500 CP, so you won’t be able to bring the strongest Pokemon in the game. Also, the competition will be limited to some types of Pokemon. The full list of types you can use is next:

  • Normal-type
  • Grass-type
  • Electric-type
  • Poison-type
  • Ground-type
  • Flying-type
  • Bug-type
  • Dark-type

According to these requirements, players may figure out the current meta for the Little Jungle Cup. In this article, we will try to find the best choices for the competition.

Little Jungle Cup Meta in Pokemon Go

Little Jungle Cup in Pokemon Go will have its meta and player that managed to figure out the best Pokemon choices will have an advantage above the other. The first suggestion is that the Pokemon you pick should be effective at 500 CP. Its stats and abilities may not be the best at the highest CP as it doesn’t matter with this limitation. You can pick someone like Galarian Stunfisk, Skarmory, or Altaria.

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Your team will need one tough Pokemon with huge amounts of HP and Defense. You should pay attention to Excadrill, Shelmet, or Chensaught. Also, many players may suggest Swampert as a good choice, but keep in mind that you may face Grass-type Pokemon as they are not prohibited to participate.

After you have chosen your sustainable Pokemon your other two picks can depend on the things you want to cover. Choose your team wisely and try to keep an eye on which combination is the most popular as it may allow you to work out some countermeasures.

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Pokemon Go: Little Jungle Cup Meta Guide


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