The Pokemon Go craze continues, and we’re back today with another guide for it! We have covered just about everything you need to know to becoming an awesome trainer, but now we are going to tackle the core part of Pokemon Go: experience points! If you want to know some tips and tricks on how to level up fast, we will cover various strategies in this guide. Let’s get started with our Pokemon Go guide to leveling up fast!

1. Find a Pokestop hotspot!


Every time you check in at a pokestop, you gain a nice 50 XP. It does not seem like much, but try to check around your local area. Hot spots like parks, malls, amusement parks and such usually contain a bunch of pokestops all next to each other. If you have a free day, try to visit a place like this and walk around getting all the pokestops! It is also important to note that pokestops have a very short cooldown before you can use them again, maybe around two to five minutes. Do loops around the place and keep collecting items from the pokestops!

2. Evolve the “cheap” pokemon!

A leveling method that has been circulating around social media websites involves evolving “cheap” pokemon. By cheap they mean pokemon that require very little candy to evolve, such as Pidgey or Ratatta. Evolving a pokemon will always grant you 500 XP. Additionally, seeing a new pokemon in any way, be it you catching it or evolving it from its previous form is always worth 500 XP. So, if you evolve a new pokemon you have never seen before, you will get 1,000 XP! You are probably finding a bunch of these guys anyways, so do not be afraid to evolve them. Be sure to transfer extras to Professor Willow to gain more candy too!

3. Master throwing the pokeball!

We have already wrote a guide on throwing curveballs, and you should check it out! To sum, spinning the pokeball while it is in your hand will make it sparkle. Throwing the pokeball while it is sparkling will make it curve. Catching a pokemon using a curveball will net you a bonus 10 XP, but in order to claim that bonus you must also get the “Nice!” bonus as well. If your pokeball goes through the colored ring when you throw it, you will get a bonus depending on how small the ring was. A near full sized ring will get you a “nice” bonus worth 10 XP. A medium sized ring is a “great” bonus worth 50 XP, and a super tiny ring is an “excellent” throw worth 100 XP. These bonuses do not seem like much at first, but practice the curveball technique to the best of your ability. The next time you are at a pokestop that is lured and you are catching pokemon left and right with curveballs, the bonuses will start to really rack up!

4. Hatch some eggs!

As we mentioned in our egg guide, hatching pokemon is also another great way to earn XP. It is not something you can really do “actively,” though. Regardless, you should always have eggs set in as many incubators as you can afford. Hatching a pokemon is worth 500 XP, plus another 500 XP if it is a new pokemon you have not seen yet. There is another trick though…

5. Take advantage of the Lucky Eggs!

… and that trick involved the Lucky Eggs! Lucky Eggs are rare items that you can sometimes get from pokestops. When used, all XP gain is doubled for half an hour. You can utilize these in a number of ways, usually in conjunction with the tips above. For example, if you have a ton of Pidgeys with an ample supply of Pidgey candy, you can activate the Lucky Egg then evolve as many Pidgeys as you can. You will be getting 1,000 XP from each Pidgeotto!

Another way is a method we mentioned in the egg guide. If you set eggs into incubators at the same time, they will get closer to hatching at the same rate. When they are all about to hatch, activate a Lucky Egg and you can turn the 500 XP hatch bonus into an 1,000 XP bonus!

And of course, there is the tried and true way of just catching pokemon. Catching pokemon is always worth 100 XP. If you visit a hot zone and see that there are plenty of pokestops lured, just walk around catching pokemon. Depending on how often you are seeing pokemon, it might even be worth it to activate a Lucky Egg. Just remember: Lucky Eggs are pretty rare so think carefully before you use them!

6. Fight the Gym Leaders!

Fighting the pokemon set at gyms is another way to gain some XP. It is kind of tough, but the more pokemon you fight and win against consecutively, the more XP you will earn at the end. Take on the world and conquer as many gyms as you can!

That’s all for our Pokemon Go leveling guide. If you have any other tips or tricks to leveling fast in Pokemon Go, let us know in the comments below!



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