Pokemon Go: How To Find Smeargle Using The Camera

smeargle in the pokemon anime

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Smeargle is a Pokemon from Generation 2 that became available in Pokemon Go around two years ago. However, it’s not one that you can catch by standard means. In fact, you may not ever see it unless you follow the specific procedure to get it to appear. Smeargle will only ever appear through the lens of your camera, its artistic curiosity drawing it to the screen. Getting one to appear can be quite tricky, but with these tips, you’ll be doing it in no time.

How To Get Smeargle To Appear

If you’ve been trying to get Smeargle but don’t seem to have any luck, there’s one possibility as to why. The reason could be that you’re taking a set of pictures of the same Pokemon during the same session when trying to get Smeargle to show up. Smeargle will only ever show up in the first picture you take per session. Therefore, if you don’t get it on the first shot, you’ll want to continually switch out the Pokemon you’re taking snapshots of until you succeed.

Keep in mind you will not see the photobombing Smeargle in the actual picture-taking screen with your Pokemon. Instead, you will see it in the finished picture when you review the ones you took. A good indicator to know if you got one to show up is by looking at how many rings pop up on the photo icon at the bottom right of the screen after you take the picture. Three rings or so means that the Smeargle has shown up.

How To Capture Smeargle

If you see it in your photo, exit out of the camera and it will be on the map just like any other Pokemon available for you to catch. Initiate the encounter by tapping on it. If you have golden razz berries, this is a good opportunity to use one since if they run away, you’ll have to start the process all over again. If you don’t have any on hand, a regular razz berry will work as well. It is recommended you use a great ball or an ultra ball to catch it just to increase your catch rate.

Hopefully this will fix your struggles with capturing a Smeargle. Good luck with your picture-taking!

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Pokemon Go: How To Find Smeargle Using The Camera


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