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Pokemon Go: How to Catch Shiny Mega Charizard

Pokemon Go: How to Catch Shiny Mega Charizard

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular representatives of the Pokemon Series for mobile devices. A feature of the game is augmented reality, thanks to which players can get the most real experience of Pokémon Trainers. The game has a huge number of different Pokémon that you can catch and train. And in this guide, we will tell you how to catch Shiny Mega Charizard in Pokemon Go.

How to Catch Shiny Mega Charizard

There are many different types of Pokémon in Pokémon Go. But one of the strongest is Mega Pokémon. They can only be caught in Mega Raids. And even though the Mega Form of these Pokémon is limited in time, many players want to get their hands on them.

Mega Charizard is one of the most popular Mega Pokémon. This is because Mega Charizard has two versions that have different strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, players can try to catch Shiny Mega Charizard. And while the stats of the Shiny version will be the same, the look of the Pokémon will be very different.

Unfortunately, in Pokemon Go, players cannot influence the chance of encountering the Shiny Mega Charizard in any way. You just need to go to Mega Raids as often as possible and hope for good luck. The chance of encountering the Shiny version of this Pokémon is 1/60. Moreover, if you want to catch a certain form of Shiny Mega Charizard, it can take twice as long.

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About Mega Charizard

Mega Charizard Y is a Flying and Fire-type Pokémon. Against this, it is best to use Shadow Aerodactyl, Shadow Tyranitar, Mega Aerodactyl, Rhyperior, or Rampardos. And Mega Charizard X is a Dragon and Fire-type Pokemon. Therefore, in this battle, use Shadow Dragonite, Shadow Salamence, Rampardos, or Salamence.

Well, the chance of catching a Shiny Mega Charizard is very small. But if you follow our advice and stock up on Raid Passes, you will be able to catch this Pokémon. We hope you enjoyed this guide.

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Pokemon Go: How to Catch Shiny Mega Charizard


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