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Pokemon Go: How to Battle a Quirky Challenger

Pokemon Go: How to Battle a Quirky Challenger
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The release of Poodle Pokemon Furfrou and its various Trim forms, as well as a slew of new research tasks and rewards, are all part of the Pokemon Go Fashion Week celebrations. Fashion Challengers, a feature reminiscent of Kanto Tour’s Go Tour Challengers, have been added to Pokemon Go Fashion Week.

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If you are wondering how to battle a Quirky Challenger in Pokemon Go, then you’ve come to the right place! So, let’s get started.

What are Fashion Challengers?

While you can battle other trainers online or in person in the GO Battle League, NPC trainers have traditionally been reserved for Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders.

The only time Niantic tried this was with the GO Tour Challengers from the GO Tour Kanto celebration earlier this year. These trainers were chosen from among the submitted trainer teams. Fashion Challengers are similar to Team GO Rocket members and the GO Tour Challengers.

Pokemon Go: How to Battle a Quirky Challenger

Here’s the lineup of “Quirky Challenger” –

Pokemon 1Pokemon 2Pokemon 3
Furfrou (Matron Trim)BraixenShinx

This team has a common weakness to Ground-type attacks, with Furfrou standing out among the others.

TIP – Due to Braixen’s Fire-type moves, Excadrill may not be the best choice for this fight, but Swampert mitigates this concern by resisting Fire-type attacks. If you have one, bring Swampert with Earthquake to this battle.

In summary, Fashion Week in Pokemon GO revolves around these new trainer fights and can be extremely rewarding for players looking to complete the event’s timed research. Pokemon GO players will find these fights worthwhile due to the rewards associated with the battles and missions.

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Pokemon Go: How to Battle a Quirky Challenger


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