The Pokemon craze is more widespread than ever this year, thanks to the release of the remakes of the original Pokemon Yellow, Let’s Go Pokemon Pikachu and Evee. Pokemon GO is still going strong as well, as it will start celebrating the festivities very soon.

The Pokemon GO Holiday 2018 events will begin tomorrow, December 18th. These events will mark the return of Delibird and the increased appearance rate for a specific Pokemon type.

Starting tomorrow, players will be able to find Ice-type Pokemon more frequently than before. Smoochum, Azurill, and Munchlax will also have a higher chance to hatch from 7 KM Eggs.

The celebrations don’t end here. New gear will be available, such as a new hat for Pikachu and a lot of Delibird themed items, which can be purchased in the Style Shop, and plenty of bonuses are going to be handed, such as a free Incubator, obtained by spinning a photo Disc on a PokeStop and more.

Those who are only interested in improving their team will also be happy to know that a double XP event is being held from December 26th until December 30th.

Pokemon GO is now available in all regions on iOS and Android.


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