The Pokemon GO Winter event is now over, and players are no longer able to take advantage of the many bonuses that were offered. Luckily, another event has been recently launched, which offers some decent bonuses for those who are planning to enjoy the game beyond the festivities.

The new Pokemon GO event is a Hatchathon event, which fives players double Hatch Candy and double Hatch Stardust for every egg that is hatched before 4 PM EST on January 15.

The event also increases the chances of receiving 5KM and 10 KM eggs from PokeStops and gyms, so you’d better start exploring if you want to get some new Pokemon without having to catch them.

The Pokemon GO Winter event saw the return of Delibird, with an increased appearance rate for Ice-type Pokemon. New cosmetic items were also made available.

Pokemon GO is now available in all regions on iOS and Android. The new Hatchathon event will be live until January 15th, so you’d better get moving if you want to take advantage of the bonuses.


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